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updated 09/23/99

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Improving Intersection Function




The Situation A number of signalized intersections in the Route 1 Study Area have substandard designs, layouts or controls and are not able to accommodate current (and predicted future) levels of peak hour traffic, causing significant queuing and delays that affect both the mainline and cross streets.
The Proposal Provide physical and operational improvements to a number of signalized intersections.
The Locations The following signalized intersections have been identified for improvement:

-- Main Avenue and Ford Avenue (Woodbridge)

-- Randolph Avenue at Rahway Avenue (Woodbridge)

-- New Dover Road and Chain O'Hills Road (Woodbridge)

-- Woodbridge Avenue and Plainfield Avenue (Edison)

-- Interchange of Woodbridge Avenue and Raritan Center Parkway


-- Route 27 and Plainfield Avenue (Edison)

-- Route 27 and Parsonage Road, when railroad underpass is widened


-- Route 27 and Woodbridge Avenue (Edison)

-- Route 27 and Easton Avenue (New Brunswick)

-- Woodbridge Avenue and Duclos Lane (Highland Park)

-- New Street and Nielson Street (New Brunswick) H

-- New Street and George Street (New Brunswick) H

-- New Street and Livingston Avenue (New Brunswick) H

-- New Street and Kirkpatrick Street (New Brunswick) H

-- New Street and Joyce Kilmer Avenue (New Brunswick) H

The Actions Where needed, conduct traffic counting, geometrical survey and operational control evaluation programs; evaluate and recommend improvements for a predetermined design year; work with the appropriate agencies and organizations to seek funding for construction.
Estimated Annual Cost ($Millions) $0.4
Overall Traffic Benefits High

Other Impacts and Considerations


This effort should be coordinated with computer - controlled signal system, pedestrian crossings and sidewalk and shoulders implementation processes; several Route 1 signalized intersections are being addressed through the NJDOT’s Route 1 (Section 7L) project.

Lead (Sponsor) NJDOT/County/Municipalities
Support NJTPA
Possible Funding TTF, NHS
Estimated Time Frame Mid to Long Term




H - These locations have been included at the request of the City of New Brunswick

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