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updated 09/23/99

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The Situation The discontinuity and absence of sidewalks and shoulders in many locations of the Route 1 Collaborative Study Area exacerbate auto dependence (even for very short trips) and hinder the development of a viable bicycle and pedestrian facility network.
The Proposal Extend or fill in gaps to the existing sidewalk and shoulder system within the Study Area, focusing on connecting residential areas with schools, recreation areas, train stations, shopping and other activity centers and employment and shopping sites with train stations and bus stops.
The Locations -- Route 1 and I-287 Underpass (Edison)

-- Route 1 and Amboy Avenue Overpass (Edison)

-- Route 1 and Main Street Overpass (Edison)

-- Route 1 and Woodbridge Avenue Overpass (Edison)

-- Vineyard Road (Edison)

-- Mill Road and Woodbridge Avenue (Edison)

-- Parsonage Road (Edison)

-- Gill Lane (Woodbridge)

-- Woodbridge Center Drive (Woodbridge)

-- Rahway Avenue (Woodbridge)

-- Avenel Street (Woodbridge)

-- Roosevelt Park (Edison)

-- Valentine Street to Donaldson Street (Highland Park)

-- Jersey Avenue to Hay Street (New Brunswick)

-- Van Dyke Avenue (New Brunswick) H

The Actions On a State and local level, scope appropriate sidewalk and shoulder improvements as part of existing projects; include in other studies or other plans. Work through the county and municipalities to ensure these kinds of improvements are included part of any future development or redevelopment plans.
Estimated Annual Cost ($Millions) $0.2 to $0.5
Overall Traffic Benefits Low (but viewed as an integral part in building a bike/ped system)
Other Impacts and Considerations There may be a need to change zoning ordinances or develop legislative action to gain cooperation of developers.
Lead (Sponsor) NJDOT
Support KMM, County, Municipalities, Regional Malls, Developers, Property Owners
Possible Funding Local, State, STP, STP-E
Estimated Time Frame Provides for both Short and Long Term


(Note: some of these projects are being pursued as part of the NJDOT’s

Route 1 (Section 7L) project)


H - This location has been included at the request of the City of New Brunswick


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