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updated 09/23/99

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NJ Turnpike
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The Situation Heavy trucks make up between 3 and 9% of peak period traffic on Route 1. Of these, approximately 65% are "through trips"; that is, their origins and destinations lie outside the Route 1 corridor. Generally speaking, these levels of truck traffic impact the capacity of Route 1 (due to slow acceleration at signals and in congestion, and turns in and out of driveways) and have a detrimental affect on street surfaces.
The Proposal To support, and if possible help initiate the New Jersey Turnpike’s Trucking Industry Incentives Program to make the Turnpike more "truck-friendly", thereby diverting a number of through truck trips from Route 1 to the Turnpike.
The Locations The New Jersey Turnpike (the area approximately between Interchange 9 and Interchange 12)
The Actions There are a number of incentives that have initiated or are being pursued, such as:

-- toll stabilization through the year 2000

-- additional truck parking at key locations (50 additional spaces at the Molly Pitcher Service Area, 164 additional spaces at the Vince Lombardi Service Area) and appointment of a Task Force to locate additional parking

-- Another Task Force investigating locations for full service truck stops (hotel accommodations, restaurants, laundry and shower facilities, convenience stores, staffed garage facilities)

-- Implementation of E-ZPass

-- "Frequent Use" discounts for trucking firms

Estimated Annual Cost ($Millions) (not known at this time)
Overall Traffic Benefits Medium
Other Impacts and Considerations The Collaborative continues to work on addressing regional freight issues (identification of truck routes; investigate other modes such as rail and ferry) as well as addressing local truck movements (time zoning restrictions to off-peak/late night deliveries; coordination with the Department of Commerce and local development coordinators in providing businesses (looking to locate in area) with information on rail/highways to keep trucks off local roads).
Lead (Sponsor) NJ Turnpike Authority
Support NJDOT, KMM, Johnson and Johnson
Possible Funding NJ Turnpike Authority, Public/Private partnership
Estimated Time Frame Short to Mid -Term



(Note: this strategy is being pursued as part of the NJDOT’s

Route 1 (Section 7L) project)

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