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updated 09/23/99

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The Situation An inventory of existing park and ride lots showed there were 3,996 spaces at lots near transit stations in the Route 1 corridor, almost all of which were at or near capacity. Many had waiting lists.
The Proposal Add an additional 1,000 spaces in the corridor.
The Locations Edison and New Brunswick (Jersey Avenue) NJT Northeast Corridor rail stations.
The Actions Bring together the appropriate entities to determine the exact number of spaces that can be located at the train stations above (as well as any additional locations) ; seek funding to design and implement.
Estimated Annual Cost ($Millions) $0.2 - $0.5
Overall Traffic Benefits Low (but works to help maintain/increase transit ridership)
Other Impacts and Considerations Can work with private developers to encourage joint development
Lead (Sponsor) NJ Transit
Support KMM, County, Municipalities
Possible Funding FTA, TTF, Public/Private
Estimated Time Frame Mid to Long Term




(Note: this project is being pursued as part of the NJDOT’s

Route 1 (Section 7L) project)

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