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updated 09/23/99

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/Mixed Land Use



The Situation Land use patterns within the Route 1 corridor are characterized by separation of large areas of low-density residential and non-residential uses; non-residential uses are separated from roads by extensive areas of grass and parking, and residential areas are spread out with large lot single family dwellings. This pattern results in a near-dependence on the auto, and is not conducive to walking, biking or competitive transit service.
The Proposal Use two geographically-defined areas as prototypes and work with the respective townships to provide greater mobility by fostering high density "neo-traditional" growth patterns and community-oriented design and amenities.
The Locations In the townships of Woodbridge (Metro Park/ Downtown Woodbridge areas) and Edsion (Raritan Center).
The Actions Within the Study Area, conduct an inventory of current land uses; review mapping and plans; and gather local zoning ordinances. Conduct literature research for the latest information on parking reduction, mixed uses and similar model circulation/trip reduction elements. Work with the appropriate organizations to agree to and implement a set of desired changes to current land use and development practices.
Estimated Annual Cost ($Millions) N/A
Overall Traffic Benefits High
Other Impacts and Considerations This effort would require significant cooperation and support between the county, townships, developers, lenders, businesses and the general public; requiring on-going coordination and public involvement mechanisms. Major changes in regulations or ordinances may require legislative actions.
Lead (Sponsor) Middlesex County
Support Woodbridge and Edison Townships, Tri-State Transportation Campaign,

NJ Future, NJDOT, NJTPA, NJT, OSP, MSM, State Legislature

Possible Funding Public/Private Partnering
Estimated Time Frame Long Term

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