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updated 09/23/99

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The Situation High volume roadways, physical barriers and lack of "pedestrian friendliness" at signalized intersections makes crossing arterial streets very difficult (and dangerous) within the Route 1 Corridor.
The Proposal Improve various signalized intersections throughout the Route 1 Study Area to make crossing major arterials safer and easier.
The Locations -- Route 1 and Wooding Avenue (Edison)

-- Route 1 and Old Post Road/Melville Avenue (Edison)

-- Route 1 and Old Post Road (Edison)

-- Route 1 and Plainfield Avenue (Edison)

-- Route 1 and Parsonage Road (Edison)

-- Route 1 and Ford Avenue (Edison)

-- Route 1 and Forest Haven Blvd. (Edison)

-- Route 1 and Grandview Avenue (Edison)

-- Route 1 and Oak Avenue (Woodbridge)

-- Route 1 and Smith Road (Woodbridge)

-- Route 1 and Green Street (Woodbridge)

-- Route 1 and Woodbridge Center Drive (Woodbridge)

-- Route 1 and Avenel Street (Woodbridge)

-- Route 18 and Paulus Boulevard (New Brunswick) H

-- Route 27 and Suttons Lane (Edison)

-- Route 27 and Christie Street (Edison)

-- Route 27 and Wood Avenue (Edison)

-- Route 27 and Main Street (Metuchen)

-- Route 27 and Parsonage Road (Edison)

-- Route 27 and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Streets (Highland Park)

-- Route 27 and S. Adelaide Avenue (Highland Park)

-- Main Street and Woodbridge Avenue (Edison)

-- Main Street and Woodbridge Center Drive (Woodbridge)

-- Old Post Road and Vineyard Road (Edison)

-- Woodbridge Avenue and Grandview Avenue (Edison)

-- Rahway Avenue and Avenel Street (Woodbridge)

-- Route 35 and Chain O'Hills Road (Woodbridge)

-- Routes 35 & 9 and Main Street (Woodbridge)

The Actions On a State and local level, scope appropriate pedestrian crossing improvements as part of existing projects; include in other studies or other plans under development. For each location amenities such as crosswalks, pedestrian signals/phasing and safety (refuse) areas need to be considered.
Estimated Annual Cost ($Millions) $0.5 to $0.9
Overall Traffic Benefits Low (but viewed as an integral part in building a bike/ped system)
Other Impacts and Considerations Impacts from pedestrian signal timing and phasing on vehicular traffic would have to be carefully considered in design (and monitored).
Lead (Sponsor) NJDOT
Support KMM, County, Municipalities, Regional Malls
Possible Funding NHS, State, STP
Estimated Time Frame Provides for both Short and Long Term


(Note: some of these projects are being pursued as part of the NJDOT’s

Route 1 (Section 7L) project)



H - This location has been included at the request of the City of New Brunswick


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