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Press Release






updated 09/23/99

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The Situation The proliferation of driveways along Route 1 frontage has caused many "mid-block interference" points that seriously affects roadway capacity and safety.
The Proposal Develop Access Management Plans for the Route 1 corridor through a joint effort between the NJDOT and the affected municipalities, using the NJDOT’s Access Management Program
The Locations Route 1 Corridor
The Actions Establish partnerships between the NJDOT and corridor municipalities; review local land use and subdivision regulations and management plans and combine with NJDOT driveway access regulations; agree to a plan that effectively addresses development and re-development access issues.
Estimated Annual Cost ($Millions) N/A
Overall Traffic Benefits Medium
Other Impacts and Considerations This effort should be coordinated with the high-density/mixed use land use strategy implementation process
Lead (Sponsor) NJDOT
Support Municipalities
Possible Funding TTF
Estimated Time Frame Mid to Long Term



(Note: this strategy is being pursued as part of the NJDOT’s

Route 1 (Section 7L) project)

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