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updated 09/23/99

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Options -Smart
Moves for Business




The Situation The New Jersey DOT has moved away from a mandatory Employer Trip Reduction (ETR) program, opting instead to work with employers under a new voluntary partnership known as Smart Moves For Business (SMFB). While the new program does not have the burdens of mandatory ETR (such as penalties for not participating, survey requirements, forms to fill out, etc.), employers are not required to participate, though there are some incentives for doing so (such as a business tax credit).
The Proposal To demonstrate to employers that establishing (or continuing) a commuter options program makes good business sense by benefiting from increased employee productivity, reduced absenteeism and better morale, as well as the more "global" benefits of reduced traffic and less pollution.
The Locations Study Area
The Actions Work closely with employer coordinators to develop and implement commute choices such as rideshare matching assistance, vanpooling, transit service promotion, employer-sponsored shuttles, compressed work schedules, telecommuting and bicycle and walking promotion; and support strategies such as preferential parking, guaranteed ride home, flextime, financial incentives and parking pricing.
Estimated Annual Cost ($Millions) $0.4 to $0.5
Overall Traffic Benefits High
Other Impacts and Considerations Because employers are no longer legally required to participate, there needs to be clear demonstration of the significant benefits of developing a SMFB program, requiring comprehensive and on-going coordination and guidance from the lead and support organizations.
Lead (Sponsor) KMM
Support NJDOT, Employers
Possible Funding STP, TTF, CMAQ
Estimated Time Frame Current and continuing



(Note: some of these projects are being pursued as part of the NJDOT’s

Route 1 (Section 7L) project)




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