Department of Transportation

Traffic Mitigation Plan

New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) projects require a carefully planned, designed, and implemented construction traffic mitigation plan so that road users experience safe traffic flow through the project area with minimal delay or disruption. The process of developing the Route 70, Route 38 to Cooper Avenue Traffic Mitigation (TM) Plan is consistent with the requirements called for in NJDOT's Traffic Mitigation Guidelines (2014).

Construction on Route 70, Route 38 to Cooper Avenue will commence in September 2021 and be completed by August 2026. The project limits include Route 70 from Route 38 (MP 0.00) to Cooper Avenue (MP 8.80) and all of NJDOT’s jughandles within those limits.

The following strategies will be implemented for traffic mitigation:

  • The proposed work will be coordinated with any other projects that may be underway at the same time near the project area.
  • NJDOT will maintain at least two lanes of traffic in each direction on Route 70 at all times (excluding temporary closures during allowable hours). To accomplish this, the existing grass median will be used for temporary pavement. Once construction is complete, the grass median will be replaced in-kind.
  • In order to safely perform full-depth pavement reconstruction, some left and right-turn movements to/from the local side streets must be temporarily detoured during the various construction stages. These areas of full-depth pavement reconstruction include:
    • Work Zone 1: Lanes of Route 70 eastbound/westbound from Chambers Avenue (MP 2.50) to Boundary Lane (MP 3.50)
    • Work Zone 2: Lanes of Route 70 eastbound from Brookmead Drive (MP 4.00) to I-295 (MP 5.20)
  • Access to all residential and business driveways and fire lanes will be maintained at all times during business hours. One residential and business driveway and all fire lanes will be maintained at all times during construction.
  • For traffic shifts during construction, signs will designate business driveways to minimize traffic confusion.
  • Shoulders may be closed at any time as long as closure does not impact travel lanes. Holiday restrictions will apply.
  • Temporary parking restrictions will be required at locations where on-street parking is permitted.
  • Pedestrian movements will be maintained by limiting work to one corner and directing pedestrians to use the available crossings.
  • The existing traffic signals will be maintained during construction until new traffic signals are operational.
  • The construction work taking place within the outside lanes and shoulders of Route 70 will impact NJ Transit bus stops. NJ Transit will be notified when bus stops will be temporarily out of service. NJ Transit routes utilizing Route 70 include 406 and 450.
  • Access to the Cherry Hill Township Fire Station 2 will be impacted by construction. As a result, Fire Station 2 will be temporarily closed during construction, and emergency services will be adjusted by the Township.
  • Some roads will be temporarily closed due to the construction of culverts and pipes. Detour routes will be implemented during temporary closures. Road users will be given advanced notification using construction signs and portable variable message signs (VMS).

Coordination with various NJDOT, regional, and municipal projects in the area is also on-going. Construction stages were designed for the work zones to maintain as many lanes as exist today during peak commuting periods.

Project Limits
Route 70, Route 38 to Cooper Avenue project limits map
Route 70, Route 38 to Cooper Avenue project limits map.
Work Zone Limits
Work Zone Limits Construction Stages Construction Activities
Work Zone 1 Haddonfield Road/Grove St. (MP 2.31) to Kings Highway/Brace Road (MP 3.66) 4 Construction of gas main, construction of water main, full depth pavement reconstruction, and drainage improvements
Interstate 295 (I-295) Interchange Work Zone Frontage Road/Covered Bridge Road (MP 4.81) and Route 70 Bridge over New Jersey Turnpike (MP 5.33) 3 Full depth pavement reconstruction, construction of basin drainage, and roadway improvements
Work Zone 2 Kings Highway/Brace Road (MP 3.66) to Route 70 and I-295 Interchange (MP 5.07) 6 Full depth pavement reconstruction, construction of gas main, construction of water main, Cropwells Brook headwall and culvert reconstruction, roadway, and drainage improvements
Work Zone 3 Route 38 (MP 0.00) to Haddonfield Road/Grove St. (MP 2.31) 2 Construction of drainage, roadway and McClellan Avenue improvements, construction of the proposed gas main, construction of Dynamic Message Sign (DMS), and drainage improvements
Pennsauken Creek Culvert and Headwall Work Zone Route 70 and Old Marlton Pike at Conestoga Drive 8 Reconstruction of Pennsauken Creek culvert
Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) No. 4 Work Zone Route 70 at MP 6.43 between Springdale Road and Birchwood Park/Wexford Drives 1 Placement of the DMS sign structure
Route 70 Milling Work Zone Route 70 Bridge over New Jersey Turnpike (MP 5.33) to Cooper Avenue (MP 8.80) 1 Pavement milling and resurfacing

The community can stay up-to-date on project news, construction progression, and site conditions by visiting this project website and following NJDOT on Facebook and Twitter (@NewJerseyDOT). During construction, there will be a real time work zone traffic monitoring system that will provide real time traffic and travel information to road users seven days a week, 365 days a year through NJDOT’s 511NJ Travel Information Services.511NJ Travel Information Services can be accessed the through the following methods:

Additionally, portable variable message signs (VMS) located on Route 70 will give road users advance notice of detours and lane shifts.

Last updated date: October 7, 2021 2:03 PM