Department of Transportation


Access Network

Routes available for trucks having business in New Jersey to get from the National Network to customers to pick up or deliver goods.

Daily Vehicle-Miles Traveled

A standard measure of activity that is estimated from the traffic volumes recorded on sampled road segments.

Digital Roadway Images

Electronic images recorded along all state and toll highways to provide a driver’s perspective of road conditions, geometry and access points.

Federal Aid System

The National Highway System (NHS) highways funded by the Surface Transportation Program. New Jersey has about 2,100 miles of NHS roads. Development and maintenance of the Federal Aid system is in accordance with federal legislation. The Surface Transportation Program includes other roadways classified as arterials and collectors (except Rural Minor Collectors).

Functional Classification

Categories of public roads based on the service they are intended to provide. Smaller, less traveled roadways provide motorists with a high degree of access. Larger roadways provide motorists with a high degree of mobility. The functional classification system is developed in cooperation with county and Metropolitan Planning Organization officials. Functional Classification Maps

Highway Performance Monitoring System

A collection of data on highway conditions, performance and usage.

Highway Type Designation

Used in project design and shown on the keysheet of the plans. The designation represents the functional classification and whether the roadway is divided or undivided.

Linear Reference System

A major component of the Highway Performance Monitoring System program consisting of a link and a node data file network for all National Highway System routes, Rural and Urban Principal Arterials and Rural Minor Arterials

National Network

Routes for larger dimensioned (commercial) vehicles is for not making pickups or deliveries in New Jersey.

Road Inventory

All public roads are routinely inventoried in accordance With the Road Inventory Field Manual providing data for the Annual Mileage Certification. Typical data collected includes number of lanes, pavement width, presence/width of shoulders and medians, names of intersecting streets, speed limits and length of the roadways.

Standard Route Identification

A standard, consistent and uniform way to identify every state, county, municipal, and toll road in New Jersey. It can be used to locate linear and/or point attributes along any public roadway.

Straight Line Diagrams

Provide a graphical representation of state, toll, and county roads and show intersecting streets, administrative and geometric characteristics. Straight Line Diagrams

Traffic Counts

Vehicles are counted for 48-hour periods at about 1,000 sites per year. Traffic Counts

Travel Activity by Vehicle Type

Based on the percentage of traffic by vehicle type (autos, buses, and trucks) recorded or observed at regularly sampled locations on all types of roadways.

Vehicle Speeds

Speeds determined by in-road sensors at weigh-in-motion stations and categorized into five mile-per-hour groups.

Vehicle Type Classification

Determined at some of the traffic count locations in accordance with the Federal Highway Administration classification scheme described in the Traffic Monitoring Guide.


An instrument for recording and processing truck weight data, traffic volumes and vehicle type classification, and vehicle speed automatically without disrupting truck traffic. Weigh-in-Motion System

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