Department of Transportation

Public Roadway Mileage and Vehicle Miles Traveled

Public roadway mileage figures are maintained by NJDOT through road inventories. A public road is any road or street owned and maintained by a public authority and open to public travel. New Jersey has approximately 39,000 miles of public roadways. New Jersey's official estimate of vehicle miles traveled (VMT) is a product of the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) Program. VMT is a measurement of the amount of traffic on a given mile of roadway. Deriving New Jersey's VMT estimate involves multiplying the traffic volume on each HPMS section, the section length and expansion factor then summing the product to yield VMT for any desired aggregation level.

For further information, you may call the NJDOT Bureau of Transportation Data and Support at 609.963.1880.

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Daily Vehicle Mile of Travel (1000's)
Mileage by Jurisdiction (Year Ending)
Public Road Mileage by Area Type
Travel Activity by Vehicle Type
VMT by Functional Classification Distributed by County (Year Ending)

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