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Traffic Volume Counts

NJDOT maintains a traffic monitoring program consisting of continuous and short-term elements. The traffic counting program is designed to utilize, at a minimum, 48-hour short-term counts to produce estimates of Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT). Traffic Counts are taken in all type of public roads statewide at the following locations:

  • 6,000 Short-Term (48-hour) Count sites
  • 95 permanent Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) system sites
  • 58 Traffic Volume System (TVS) sites
  • 76 Major Station Sites

Refer to our New Jersey Traffic Monitoring Program (pdf 1.5m)

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Short Duration Counts

To compute AADT, the data collected during the short duration counts "48-hour periods" must be adjusted to annual conditions. These adjustments include: axle correction (for counts made with single axle sensors); day-of-week (for counts taken for less than one week); seasonal (to account for changes in volume that occur from one time of year to another); time-of-day (for counts taken for less than 24 hours).

Adjustment Factors by Region:
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