Self-Directed Services or Self-Direction

In New Jersey, many individuls are choosing to self-direct some or all of their home and community-based services. This means that, within the parameters of your individual budget, you can choose to self-direct by hiring your own caregiver (self-directed employee) to provide needed services. You can also choose to self-direct by participating in a program or taking a class in the community that is available to the general public. 

The self-directed service model is an alternative to the more traditional agency-delivered service model. Self-directed services enables an individual to have greater responsibility for managing their services, with the assistnace of available supports.

Depending on the self-directed employee model you choose, you may have a legal employer relationship with your employee. You will also have the responsibility of recruiting staff, securing coverage when staff call out of work and approving timesheets.

Self-directed service models are made possible through the use of a financial management services agency, known as the fiscal intermediary, which conducts some employer-related tasks such as payroll processing and tax withholding. The fiscal intermediary processes self-directed employee timesheets and vendor invoices, and issues payments.

Self-Directed Employee Service Models

If you are ready for this level of responsibility, you can hire a self-directed employee (SDE) through one of two models:

  • Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent (VF/EA)
  • Agency with Choice (AWC)

In each model, a financial management services agent (referred to as the fiscal intermediary) processes payments and handles tax and labor law filings. In the VF/EA model, you are the employer of record and Public Partnerships LLC (PPL) does this on your behalf. In the AWC model, Easterseals is the employer and you are a co-employer.

For more information, talk with your Support Coordinator or send an email to DDD's Fee-for-Service Helpdesk:

Agency with Choice (Easterseals)

Visit the Easterseals Agency with Choice website for more information.

Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent (PPL)

Visit the PPL NJDDD Self-Directed Services website for more information.

Requirements in Self-Directed Service Models

Services Available in Self-Directed Service Models

Self-Directed Services available through a self-directed employee:

  • Community Based Supports
  • Individual Supports-Hourly
  • Interpreter Services
  • Respite
  • Supports Brokerage
  • Transportation - Self-Directed Employee

Self-Directed Services available through a community vendor:

  • Assistive Technology
  • Environmental Modification
  • Goods and Services
  • Natural Supports Training
  • Transportation – Single Passenger
  • Vehicle Modification