Developmental Centers

The Department of Human Services’ Division of Developmental Disabilities (Division) operates five developmental centers (centers) that serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Center residents have intensive needs related to their intellectual and developmental disabilities, and many also have co-occurring mental health, behavioral health and/or medical needs. The total cumulative census of all five centers is 1,051 as of December 2022.


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the entire State of New Jersey, including developmental centers (centers). In its ongoing effort to ensure that center residents, their families and guardians are kept informed, the Department of Human Services’ Division of Developmental Disabilities has posted the COVID-19 Response Plan (CRP) that each center adheres to.

The CRP provides information on actions taken at the centers related to COVID-19. These include, but are not limited to: what has been done to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection; protocols around screening of staff; how residents are isolated and cohorted; how updates are provided to families/guardians of center residents; how families/guardians can engage in virtual communication with a center resident if visitation is not possible. Please take a moment to review this important document.

If you are interested in the overall number of COVID-19 positive residents and staff at any center, please review our data dashboard. It is updated monthly and can be found in the Developmental Disabilities section of the Department of Human Services COVID-19 Information Hub.

Please visit the web page for each individual center to find specific information about that location. If you have a question, please feel free to contact the Social Services Department of the center where the resident you are interested in resides.

Green Brook Regional Center (GRC) is the only specialized geriatric center among the five developmental centers administered by the Division of Developmental Disabilities. It provides residential treatment and habilitation services for men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities 55 years of age and older.


Contact information:

Green Brook Regional Center
275 Green Brook Road
Green Brook, NJ 08812
Phone: 732-968-6000
Fax: 732-968-8125

Hunterdon Developmental Center (HDC), located on 102 acres in Clinton, Hunterdon County, opened in 1969. HDC provides a broad spectrum of behavioral, medical and habilitation services to women and men with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Contact information:

Hunterdon Developmental Center
PO Box 4003
40 Pittstown Road
Clinton, NJ 08809-4003
Phone: 908-735-4031
Fax: 908-730-1311

New Lisbon Developmental Center (NLDC), founded in 1914, is located in New Lisbon, Burlington County on a 1,896-acre tract of land on the edge of the New Jersey Pinelands. It became a state training institution in 1916 and has provided a comprehensive system of care for women and men with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1977.


Contact information:

New Lisbon Developmental Center
P. O. Box 130, Route 72
New Lisbon, NJ 08064
Phone: 609-726-1000
Fax: 609-726-1159

Vineland Developmental Center (VDC) was founded in 1888. VDC provides a comprehensive array of residential, habilitation, behavioral and health care services for women and men with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Contact information:

Vineland Developmental Center
PO Box 1513
1676 E. Landis Avenue
Vineland, NJ 08362-1513
Phone: 856-696-6000
Fax: 856-696-6056

Woodbine Developmental Center (WDC), founded in 1921, is located on 250 acres of land in Woodbine, Cape May County. WDC provides a wide range of habilitation, behavioral and medical services and supports to men with developmental disabilities.

Contact information:

Woodbine Developmental Center
DeHirsh Avenue
Woodbine, NJ 08270
Phone: 609-861-2164
Fax: 609-861-5176