Department of Labor & Workforce Development

Layoffs and Closings

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: There are changes to the law effective April 10, 2023. You can read those changes here.

In the event of mass layoffs and closings, employers should browse this page to understand their responsibilities to their workers.

Any restatement or summary of the law, which is contained on this webpage is intended for informational purposes only. The Department of Labor and Workforce Development has neither enforcement authority, nor rulemaking authority under the Millville Dallas Airmotive Plan Job Loss Notification Act, N.J.S.A. 34:21-1 et seq. (the Act). The role of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development under the Act is limited to: (1) dispatching the rapid response team to, among other things, provide appropriate information, referral and counseling to workers who are subject to plant closings or mass layoffs, and (2) making available to employers the form upon which notification shall be provided under the Act.