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Feb-25-21 NJ Labor Dept.: Jobless Workers Have Received $23.4B in COVID-Related Benefits

Feb-24-21 Governor Murphy Announces Members of the New Jersey Council on the Green Economy

Feb-18-21 Pandemic Jobless Relief to NJ Workers Tops $22.8B, Labor Department Reports

Feb-17-21 NJ Labor Department Announces $2M Grant for Pre-Apprenticeship Training

Feb-16-21 NJDOL Investigation into Unpaid Wages Finds Contractor Owes $1.2M to Workers

Feb-11-21 Initial Unemployment Claims in NJ Surpass 2 Million Since COVID-19 Hit

Feb-06-21 NJ Labor Department Completes 11-Week Benefit Extensions Earlier Than Anticipated

Feb-04-21 NJ Labor Dept. Reports 3rd Week of Decreases in New Unemployment Claims

Jan-28-21 NJ Labor Dept. Reports Slight Dip in New Unemployment Claims

Jan-25-21 NJ Labor Department Announces $3.5 Million Grant for Employers to Train Incumbent Frontline Workers

Jan-21-21 New Jersey Employment Contracts in December to End Year

Jan-21-21 Jobless Residents Receive New Stimulus Payments