Department of Labor & Workforce Development

Stop-Work Order Issued Against Internet Radio Station for Unpaid Wages, Worker Discrimination, Other Violations


November 19, 2021

CHERRY HILL – The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL) issued a stop-work order against Cherry Hill radio station WPOP Internet Radio, LLC, on November 19, 2021, for various violations, including unpaid wages, failure to pay minimum wage, hindrance of an investigation, and discriminatory practices against employees.   

“We take alleged violations of abuse by unscrupulous employers seriously,” said Assistant Commissioner Joseph Petrecca. “Our mission is to protect our workers against abuse from those flouting our state’s Wage and Hour laws.”  

Investigators from the Department’s Division of Wage and Hour Compliance found WPOP’s general manager, Michael Salerno, hired personnel with promises of wages, but failed to pay his employees. It was determined the violations have resulted in $48,314.30 owed in back wages to workers, and $25,581.43 assessed in penalties and fees.  

Additionally, several of the complaints received from former employees pursued separate cases against the internet radio station, which were duly served upon Mr. Salerno and heard by the Division. The total owed to date to these workers is an additional $21,020 in back wages plus $2,258 in court costs and administrative fees due to the Division.     

The NJDOL now has the authority to require an employer to cease business operations when significant pay, benefits, or other workers’ rights violations are documented. The tool has been used to shut down specific worksites, and in one case, to order all of a contractor’s current workplaces shut throughout the state.     

For more information on New Jersey’s Wage and Hour laws, visit MyWorkRights.nj.gov.

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