Department of Labor & Workforce Development

Task Force on Wages and State Benefits

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The Task Force on Wages and State Benefits was established by Public Law 2019, Chapter 32, the recently enacted legislation which will raise the minimum hourly wage for most New Jersey workers to $15 by January 1, 2024.

The Task Force on Wages and State Benefits was created to evaluate how changes in the minimum wage “may affect the eligibility of low-income individuals, and other disadvantaged individuals, for a variety of services and benefits provided or administered by the State or its instrumentalities…and how the combination of changes in minimum wage and eligibility standards may impact the living standards of the individuals and their families.” 

The Task Force is charged with annually producing a report of its findings, which shall include any recommendations the Task Force deems appropriate for adjustments in eligibility standards for benefits, changes in subsidy rates, and other relevant reforms, to “ensure that the combination of minimum wage increase and State services and benefits are coordinated effectively so as to further advance the overall goal of raising the living standards of working families.”

Read the full report here.