NJ Advanced Manufacturing Council

There is created in the New Jersey State Employment and Training Commission, established pursuant to 36 section 5 of P.L.1989, c.293 (C.34:15C-2), the New Jersey Advanced Manufacturing Council. The council shall consist of 11 members who are individuals with experience in the fields of labor, education, or workforce development or training.

The council shall:

  1. convene and enable industry-led, private-public partnerships focused on engaging New Jersey institutions of higher education in manufacturing innovation;
  2. design and implement an advanced manufacturing initiative to facilitate collaboration and information sharing across State departments and agencies;
  3. assist private companies to enhance technological transfer in New Jersey manufacturing industries to help companies overcome technical obstacles to scaling up production of new technologies;
  4. submit an annual report to the Governor, to the Legislature the State Employment and Training Commission, of its assessments and recommendations to enhance State policy related to the advanced manufacturing industry in New Jersey.

The council is authorized to:

  1. hold public hearings;
  2. employ staff, responsible to the Executive Director of the State Employment and Training Commission, to assist the council to implement the purposes of this act;
  3. avail itself of the services of the employees and have access to the records of any instrumentality of the State, as necessary or useful to implement the purposes of this act.

“Manufacturing in Higher Education Act”; requires various State entities to promote manufacturing career pathways for students and provides assistance to manufacturing industry.