Council on Gender Parity in Labor and Education

The Council on Gender Parity in Labor and Education's mission is to recommend policies, strategies and programs that address gender-based barriers and encourage equal participation of students and workers in education, training, and employment.  The Gender Parity Task Force was first established by the SETC in 1993, and the Council was permanently established through legislation in 1999.   The Council is legislated to consist of 16 members: six members are appointed by the SETC and six members are appointed by the Division on Women, with not more than half of these members shall be of the same political party.  In addition, four members serve ex-officio and are appointed by the Commissioners of Community Affairs, Education, Human Services, and the Secretary of Higher Education. 

Equity for Women in New Jersey: Identifying Needs and Priorities – March 2024

New Jersey is often identified as leader in passing public and social policies that hold promise to support working families and advance gender equity in the workplace, in our economy and in our communities. In recent years, New Jersey has expanded paid family leave; increased the minimum wage; and, passed earned sick leave legislation. While these policies offer pathways toward progress, deep structural and cultural challenges and biases persist. This report examines some of these critical issues impacting New Jersey’s women, as conveyed by diverse stakeholders throughout the state.


In collaboration with:

  • NJ Department of Children and Families - Division on Women
  • New Jersey Advisory Commission on the Status of Women
  • New Jersey State Employment and Training Commission - Council on Gender Parity in Labor and Education
Meeting Dates

 2023 Council Meeting Dates [pdf 117kb]

Women in Sustainable Employment (WISE)

A career exploration course designed for women to consider nontraditional, in-demand occupations in the energy and construction industries.    Whether your interest is gas, water, electric or a trade that supports these industries, this is an opportunity to learn about the career path options available.  This program is made possible through a partnership of leading utility companies and the Rowan College at Burlington County Workforce Development Institute.  For additional information, please download the two flyers below:

WISE Pathways Flyer [pdf 1325kb]

Energy Industry Fundamentals Flyer [pdf 728kb]

Displaced Homemaker Program (DH)

The Displaced Homemaker Program (DH) in Office of Support, Employment and Training provides services for women who have worked in the home for a number of years providing unpaid services for family members and has been dependent upon the income of another family member but is no longer supported by that income. And through the death, disablement, separation or divorce of a spouse find themselves as the primary source of household income. DH programs provide clients with a myriad of personal, educational, and career development services toward achieving their goal of economic self-sufficiency. Providers offer case management services for participants in DH, in addition to training and workshops related to computer literacy and job readiness. Employment, Short Term Education Certificate Training and other educational services are also available for participants in the DH program. For additional information, please contact: