Shared Youth Vision Council

The mission of the Shared Youth Vision Council is to help New Jersey develop a comprehensive strategy that will connect state agencies, secondary education, community organizations, workforce development programs and other stakeholders to assist youth to successfully navigate the labor market and to obtain the skills they need for employment.

In order to carry out this work, the Council develops policies and program strategies that focus on building capacity between youth stakeholders, career awareness efforts and innovative programs that create pathways to employment.

The Shared Youth Vision Council is a state-wide body, formed in April 2013.  It is comprised of partners from public and private institutions, with a youth focus, from all areas of the state.

Shared Youth Vision Council Meeting Dates 2019 [pdf 120kb]


Year One Review: SYVC Update 2014 [pdf 240kb]

NJCAN Career Navigator Webinar PPT 2014 [pdf 1.9Mb]

NJ Shared Youth Vision Council Overview [pdf 125kb]


Local Area Youth Transition Planning Webinar 10/15/2015 (YouTube)