SCALES - State Council for Adult Literacy Education Services

The State Council for Adult Literacy Education Services (SCALES) focuses on improving the adult literacy delivery system. It is a bipartisan body created within the State Employment and Training Commission by Statute in 1999 to facilitate state and local policy development, planning and oversight in consultation with stakeholders in the area of adult literacy education. In carrying out its role, the Council is responsible for developing a broad-based State Literacy Plan, appropriate performance standards, system-wide impact measures, statewide benchmarks to evaluate adult literacy services, and advocating for professional development and information sharing for practitioners and policy makers. By law, SCALES membership is appointed by the Assembly, Senate and the Governor’s office.

SCALES is proud to present a new report on Adult Literacy in New Jersey.  Click here to access the full report, Investing in New Jersey's Adult Learners [pdf 2Mb].


SCALES Meeting Dates 2022 [pdf 153kb]