General Order #1

The following General Orders provide the rules and regulations for the discipline and control of the New Jersey State Police

It shall be the duty of the members of the New Jersey State Police Force:

  • To be Police Officers of the State
  • To prevent crime
  • To pursue and apprehend offenders
  • To execute any lawful warrant or order of arrest issued against any person or persons for any violation of the law
  • To make arrest without a warrant for violations of the law committed in the presence or view
  • To make arrest when a misdemeanor or some high crime has been committed and he has good cause to suspect a person of having committed the crime.
  • To make arrest upon the information of responsible persons, when there is not an opportunity to procure a warrant, and in such cases, you should try to get the person that gave the information to make complaint and appear as witness
  • An arrest without a warrant should be made, by announcing yourself as a Police Officer, and if in civilian clothes, showing your official badge
  • To give first aid to the injured, and if necessary call a doctor
  • To give succour to the helpless


The members of the New Jersey State Police should bear in mind that they are a preventive as well as a repressive force and that the prevention of crime is of greater importance than the punishment of criminals. The force individually and collectively, should cultivate and maintain the good opinion of the people of the State by prompt obedience to all lawful commands, by a steady and impartial line of conduct in the discharge of its duties and by cleanly, sober and orderly habits and by a respectful bearing to all classes.


A written request giving name and address of person it is desired to marry must be approved by the Superintendent before a member of the State Police may marry. Marrying without such permission is cause for immediate dismissal.


The Superintendent directs that every effort should be made by members of this force to “Get your man.” When a crime occurs within the district patrolled by, or within the zone of any Troop, the Troop Commander will furnish this Office with compete reports showing the efforts made by him, either directly or indirectly, by communicating with other authorities, towards getting their man. The reports must show the date and time of the crime; how many were on the case, giving their names and rank, and how far their efforts went in the search to get their man. The reports must be complete in detail, so that the Superintendent may have an intelligent knowledge of the efforts made by the Troop Commander and his men, towards getting their men.


The acceptance of a bribe by any member of the State Police will cause for immediate dismissal.


Organization will furnish shelter and feed for man and horse, morning and night only.


Troop Commanders will see that the NCO’s make frequent inspection and keep in close touch with men on patrol duty for purposes of instruction and guidance.

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