Administration Section

Major Sherri Schuster - Commanding Officer

The Administration Section operates as the support function of the Division, providing services such as: effecting and implementing policy and procedure; acquisition, maintenance and replacement of transportation and facilities; accountability, coordination and distribution of fixed assets; the procurement of all commodities required to operate the Division; and the formulation of the annual budget.

The Administration Section offers services through the following Bureaus:

Fiscal and Grant Management Bureau

Accounting and Revenue Unit

The Accounting and Revenue Unit bills other state agencies and entities for goods and services provided by the Division and prepares, processes, records, and stores the various fiscal documents generated by the Division. The Unit processes and segregates incoming revenue received from various entities within the Division for services performed and conforms to standard accounting practices and the New Jersey Department of the Treasury guidelines. The Unit utilizes contemporary accounting and business software that records and reconciles proper billing, collection, and maintenance of all revenue sources. Reconciles received payments against those billed on a regular basis and pursues vendors and agencies that are delinquent in their payments, while also acting as a point of contact regarding possible billing discrepancies. The Unit promptly deposits receivable revenue in appropriately segregated accounts, identifies expenditures that are not being accurately reimbursed by grants and special purpose accounts. The Unit periodically notifies the Office of the Attorney General of entities that are regularly delinquent in responding to billings from the Unit.

Budget and Allocation Unit

The Unit assists in the preparation of the quarterly spending plans for the Division and monitors account balances in order to identify and adjust potential shortages in appropriated funds. The Unit also approves all Request for Funds and processes Division travel requests and commutation mileage reimbursements. 

Bills other state agencies and entities for goods and services provided by the state police, and reimburses other state agencies and entities for goods and services provided to the state police.

Central Purchasing Unit

The Unit handles all Division procurements and maintains a file on state contract awards, and maintain an inventory of Division photocopiers, office supplies, police equipment, and uniforms.

The Unit prepares monthly projection reports and assists other units with the preparation of obligations and orders. It also conducts surveys of equipment needs and places orders for those commodities (e.g., furniture, office equipment, police equipment) for which the Unit is directly responsible.

The Central Purchasing Unit assists in the preparation of the annual Division budget request and verifies and approves methods of procurement and invoices for payment of Division obligations.The Unit verifies orders against outstanding obligations and orders purchase forms for the various state police entities.

Grants Accounting Unit

The Grants Accounting Unit provides direct oversight on all outside source funding appropriations to ensure purchases are conducted within generally accepted accounting principles, Department of the Treasury regulations and circulars, and grant guidelines. It also ensures expenditures are eligible based upon grant agreements and budgetary constraints.

The Unit coordinates the disbursement of funds and preparation of the related fiscal reports required by the granting authority. Reviews and approves authorized grant expenditures to facilitate timely procurement of equipment.  Monitors outside source appropriations to ensure that funds are adequately expended and accurately recorded within the grant period. Ensures accurate financial accounting of outside source appropriations within the New Jersey Comprehensive Financial System (NJCFS).

Grants Development and Compliance Unit

Reviews federal websites and identifies potential funding sources for Division initiatives.

Assists bureaus, offices, and units with the grant application and submission process. Develops and conducts grant training programs for Division personnel assigned as project directors, project participants, and other representatives of bureaus, offices, and units. Develops standard programmatic and fiscal compliance procedures for all grants based upon the condition of the grantor agencies for use by all program managers with their respective grant programs.  Conducts operations audits of recipient units to ensure policies and procedures are responsible and reasonable, given the fiduciary responsibility of the Division.  Provides reports of findings and processes to the Fiscal and Grant Management Bureau Chief and the Office of Professional Standards for dissemination to the Management Review Unit. Ensures all recipient units and programs are efficiently and effectively implemented in accordance with current laws and Division policies.

Grants Program Management Unit

The Unit reviews and processes all grants, agreements, memoranda of understanding, or any lawfully binding contract or document that requires the Division to provide services and/or receive goods and services from an outside entity. Provides direct technical assistance to Division personnel to facilitate proper development of grant applications while promoting responsible organizational governance.

Acts as the central repository for all records and relevant data on all outside source funding opportunities and the primary point of contact for all grants, agreements, memoranda of understanding, etc., on behalf of the Office of the Superintendent. Researches and identifies outside funding sources and develops applications or proposals that are Division priorities when a specific office of primary interest is not identifiable.

Acts as the liaison between the Office of the Attorney General and the Division once a grant is approved to ensure compliance of programmatic reporting and stated goals and objectives from the outside funding source. Maintains the Federal Surplus Property Program ensuring maximum utilization and benefit to the Division and its partners. Ensures that all allocated Division equipment complies with the directives outlined in the State of New Jersey-Forfeiture Program Administration S.O.P. 10 (Section 10-6: Reallocation of Property or Services).

Facility and Asset Control Bureau

The bureau chief is directly accountable to the Administration Section Commanding Officer for the efficient performance of all bureau personnel and equipment. The bureau chief’s delegated authority includes coordinating the maintenance of records and supervising the functional responsibilities of the following offices/units.

Fleet Management Office

Purchases, assigns, and coordinates the maintenance and up-fitting of police equipment for all transportation owned by or assigned to the Division, as outlined in S.O.P. C18, “Fleet Management System”.

Mail Distribution Office

Collects, distributes, and moves all interoffice and United States postal mail throughout the Division.

Maintenance Unit

Maintains and makes minor alterations and repairs to owned facilities.  Maintains a preventative maintenance program for all facility environmental systems.  Ensures code compliance and regulates operations within all Division facilities. Responds to emergency service requests for repair and replacement of facility support systems.

Printing and Graphic Arts Unit

Designs and typesets mechanical compositions and photo lithography for all displays and overlays, as well as printed materials for the Division.   Prints offset production work, including folding, collating, binding, padding, and packaging of printed materials.

Warehouse and Asset Control Unit

Issues, maintains, records, and controls inventory for all uniforms, police equipment, and office, medical, and janitorial supplies for the Division.  Provides security control measures for equipment and supplies stored in the central warehouse. Ensures Division’s compliance with inventory regulations established by the Department of the Treasury, Department of Law and Public Safety, and the Revised Fixed Asset System (RFAS). Maintains the master inventory database and other inventory records as required. Coordinates the Division’s annual inventory and files the required reports and certifications. Ensures all police equipment and supplies are stored and maintained in a state of operational readiness and inspected at regular intervals as needed. Coordinates the disposal of unusable fixed assets. Prepares and controls the supply budget. Provides advice to the bureau chief on the usability, adaptability, or obsolescence of uniforms and related police equipment.

Planning Bureau

The Planning Bureau coordinates the efforts of the Policy and Procedures Unit, Research and Legislation Unit, C.A.L.E.A unit and Management Review Unit to analyze and evaluate information and assist other entities of the Division in developing directives, operational plans, new techniques, and ideas for improving the Division's operations.

Policy and Procedures Unit

Assists all other Division entities in the drafting, revision, and formulation of the Division’s policies and procedures through the promulgation of Standing Operating Procedures. Assists all other Division entities in the drafting, revision, and formulation of Operations Instructions.

Records and tracks the development of policies and procedures through the maintenance of both a current and historical archive of all Standing Operating Procedures. Assists the CALEA Unit with the national accreditation process through review and revision of policies and procedures to ensure consistency and compliance with the national standards for law enforcement. Produces and updates the New Jersey State Police Organization Chart. Coordinates the assignment and distribution of the four digit unit code identification numbers for all organizational entities.

Research and Legislation Services Unit

Prepares and develops research projects for the Division related to the organization’s short and long-term goals and objectives. Assists other federal, state, county, and local law enforcement agencies in conducting research of law enforcement related issues and developing implementation strategies for various initiatives (e.g., patrol scheduling and resource allocation)

Collects, collates, analyzes, evaluates, and disseminates research information to all other Division entities in furtherance of the Division’s policy on Intelligence Led Policing (ILP).

Conducts surveys and garners data concerning law enforcement trends affecting the Division and its members. 

Responds to inquiries from the State and Provincial Police Planning Police Officers Section (SPPPOS) network of the State and Provincial Police Division of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), and initiates SPPPOS inquiries when requested by entities within the Division. Serves as the Division’s liaison to the Office of Legislative Affairs in the Attorney General’s Office. As such, the Unit is responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and commenting on all legislative proposals (bills) introduced into the State Assembly which might impact law enforcement in general and the Division specifically.  Responds to requests from the New Jersey Department of the Treasury for fiscal analyses (fiscal notes) of pending legislation to ensure the financial security of the Division is being preserved. Coordinates with the Office of Administrative Law in the promulgation of rules and regulations which affect the general public.

Maintains, monitors, revises, and renews the approximately thirteen administrative codes for which the Division is statutorily responsible pursuant to legislative enactment. Assists other Division entities in drafting both legislative comments and fiscal analyses in response to legislation which impacts the Division.  Maintains and updates legal reference sources and assists other Division entities with statutory and regulatory research that impacts policies and processes.

Reviews the New Jersey Register for Administrative Code and the New Jersey Legislative Journal session day reports for new/amended bills and bills signed into law. Disseminates new case law and Administrative Code changes to the affected sections. Files and archives all legislative responses and other correspondence. Ensures the accuracy and content of information contained within the Unit’s legislation database, which contains comprehensive information for each bill pertinent to Division issues. Coordinates testimony by Division members before the legislature and various interest groups regarding the impact of legislation. Annually solicits sections for proposals on revising current legislation and promulgating new legislation.

C.A.L.E.A Unit

Ensures the necessary periodic reports, reviews and other activities mandated by the applicable accreditation standards are accomplished. Reviews all applicable Division Standing Operating Procedures to ensure compliance with CALEA Standards. Ensures familiarization with the accreditation process to all Division personnel, including the instruction of trooper recruits while attending academy training. Maintains the Division master accreditation files. Acts as the liaison to CALEA and prepares the filing of all required reports. Maintains copies of all applicable Division operational and administrative manuals.

Management Review Unit

Responsible for the design, implementation, documentation, evaluation, and improvement of the Division’s internal controls. Assists sections and bureaus in developing a system of review providing for the cost effective use of resources.

Reviews all procedures concerning specified Division financial accounts. Conducts assessments of existing programs and activities. Conducts internal control reviews and develops guidelines to improve internal controls. Recommends corrective action when appropriate and monitors all remedial action to ensure compliance. Ensures the State Ethics Commission “New Jersey Conflicts of Interest Law,” N.J.S.A. 52:13D-12 et seq., is reviewed annually by all Division personnel. Acts as a liaison between the Division and the Department of Law and Public Safety or all authorized audit groups.

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