NJSP Operation RISE

(Recovery Initiative Support & Engagement)

Help is available so you don’t have to go through it alone.
A New Jersey State Police Service

This proactive initiative employs an evidence-based approach, using data analysis, and the science of peer recovery professionals to drive outreach in a comprehensive and collaborative model. “Operation RISE” will facilitate appropriate linkage to care for substance use disorder and recovery support services to communities served by the New Jersey State Police, through robust Data Analysis, Outreach/Intervention, and Training.

These efforts will:

  • Provide linkage to care for individuals impacted by substance use disorder
  • Reduce recidivism rates of crime associated with drug use
  • Reduce stigma associated with the disease of addiction
  • Reduce stigma associated with law enforcement’s role
  • Educate Law Enforcement and other first responders on Substance Use Disorder
  • Partner and Community Outreach for Addiction Awareness and Education
  • Provide a substance use disorder state resource guide
  • Provide a drug harm index by county
  • Support and enhance NJCares Operation Helping Hand efforts

Contact Us:
24 Hour Hotline: 1-833-NJRISES (833-657-4737)
Email: NJRISE@njsp.gov

The Meaning and Significance of the New Jersey State Police Operation Recovery Initiative, Support and Engagement (RISE) Official Seal

For the past century, New Jersey State Troopers have been guided by the core values of honor, duty and fidelity as signified by the stars located in the three corners of our triangular gold badge.

The success of the New Jersey State Police may well be attributed to the theories adopted by Colonel Schwarzkopf, the very first superintendent of the New Jersey State Police. He believed that the agency was not only an enforcement agency, but that prevention, education, and service are equally important not only for the success of the mission of the Division, but for all the people who lived in New Jersey.

General Order #1 states: “It shall be the duty of the members of the New Jersey State Police to prevent crime and pursue and apprehend offenders. Members should bear in mind that the prevention of crime is of greater importance than the punishment of criminals. The force individually and collectively should cultivate and maintain the good opinion of the people of the State by prompt obedience to all lawful commands, by a steady and impartial line of conduct in the discharge of its duties and by cleanly, sober and orderly habits and by a respectful bearing to all classes.”

The New Jersey State Police has always adapted to the operational environment presented and will continue to meet future challenges with integrity, humility, and honor. It is believed that the training and duty of the members of the State Police is made with sound principles; it continues to develop men and women of character, reliability and humbled duty who are dedicated to excellence in public safety through world class law enforcement. A 100 years later, the Division remains the most diversified State Police organization in the nation.

Operation RISE, Recovery Initiative, Support and Engagement, is a proactive recovery initiative that deploys efforts to provide linkage to care for individuals and families impacted by the ravishing disease of substance use disorder to reduce recidivism rates of crime associated with the symptoms of the disease, and reduce stigma related with the disease of addiction and the role of law enforcement. Operation RISE’s logo is designed to be representative and considerate of who we are and what we aspire to do. The logo meaning and significance is:

  • The words, Operation RISE (Recovery Initiative, Support and Engagement), the acronym and full name of the initiative.
  • The colors of “blue” and “gold” represent solidarity not only to the Division, but as a testament of dedication for support and engagement to those affected by substance use disorder.
  • The map of New Jersey represents our home state and a reminder that in order to make a positive difference in the lives of others, we all must work together.
  • The rising sun symbolizes the commencement of bright, new beginnings gathered from compassion, interaction and recovery.
  • The hands, modeled after New Jersey Office of Attorney General Operation Helping Hands (OHH) initiative, represents our partnership to OHH; statewide treatment, recovery and prevention efforts; and the people that we serve.
  • The blue hand represents humility of our men and women in blue, our state’s law enforcement, and their duty in providing assistance to fellow citizens in this great state.
  • The white hand represents all those in our communities reaching out for assistance and recovery.
  • The small gold triangle represents the three corners of the renowned New Jersey State Police triangular badge and our core values of honor, duty, and fidelity.


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