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Lt. Colonel Brenton Warne - Branch Commander

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Mission Statement

The mission of this Branch is to provide a continuing preventive level of homeland security and public safety through the coordination of statewide resources. The goal is to provide for an increased capacity in responding to an elevation of the National Alert System and/or an event that necessitates additional mobilization of resources in concert with our law enforcement, intelligence, corporate, and emergency response partners.

The following Office & Sections make up the Homeland Security Branch Section:

Office of Program Support

Federal Surplus Property Unit

The Unit has been designated the State Agency for Surplus Property by State Law. The Agency is responsible for the acquisition and distribution within the State, of all donations of surplus property to public agencies and eligible nonprofit tax-exempt activities including health and educational activities and providers of assistance to homeless individuals.

The Unit:

  • Screens Federal sites across the nation for the availability and acquisition of Federal Surplus Property, under the guidelines as set forth by the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 and in response to the adoption of 41CFR-101-44, Federal Management Regulations as amended or supplemented, creating a fair and equitable distribution.
  • Operate a Customer Direct Pick Up system for the purpose of procuring desired property requested by eligible agencies. The Unit arranges and coordinates location, allocation and time schedules for the requesting agency to secure and pick up equipment and materials directly at Federal holding sites.
  • Maintains membership in the National Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property. Membership includes the participation in the Overseas Program which is a consortium of State Agencies for Surplus Property who have banded together for the specific purpose of viewing, procuring, relocating, and shipping property located outside the United States that is available from the Federal Government for donation in the United States and its territories.
  • Upon Presidential declaration of an emergency or a major disaster locates, procures, transports, and distributes surplus equipment and supplies in accordance with the directions of the Federal Emergency Management Agency pursuant to the Disaster Relief Act of 1974 (Pub. L. 93-288) and Executive Order 12148, as amended.
  • Assesses handling charges as may be reasonable and necessary to defray costs incurred by the State in the administration of this program. Executes certifications and enters into cooperative agreements, subject to the approval of the Attorney General, as authorized or required by said Act.
  • Designated by the Governor as the Single Point of Contact for the transfer of excess or surplus Department of Defense property that has been deemed suitable for use by State, County, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies seeking non-operational logistical support to assist in counter drug and counter terrorism activities pursuant to the National Defense Authorization Act of 1997, Section 1033 (Public Law 101-189).

Systems Support Unit

The Unit's main function is to oversee the design, implementation and use of automation in the Emergency Management Section in addition to providing technical assistance to Emergency Management Agencies statewide.

The Unit administers Local Area Networks (LAN) for the Emergency Management Section at Division Headquarters, Federal Surplus Property Warehouse - Bridgewater, Aviation Unit - Mercer Field and Radiological Monitoring Unit - Princeton. The Systems Support Unit also provides direct management support for LANs in Cape May and Warren Counties under the Survivable Crisis Management Project in which the State EOC would be relocated in time of crisis. The System Support Unit also provides management support for LAN's in the Nuclear Power Plant Counties - Ocean, Cumberland and Salem Counties. The Unit purchases computer hardware, software and equipment for use in Section programs. It sets standards and specifications for outside Local Area Networks for which the Unit is responsible. This includes research and specification of product, contacting vendors for price quotes, initiating purchase in the State System, following up on purchases, receipt of product and update of inventory database.

The Unit develops new software to handle specific functions when commercial off-the-shelf software is either unavailable, unsuitable or prohibitively expensive. The Unit developed the EMergency Information Tracking System (EMITS) that is used to manage information in EOC's statewide. The Unit oversees the automated transmission of severe weather watches and warnings over the New Jersey Law Enforcement Teletype System.

Personnel serve as Information Specialists or Operations Officers in activations of the State Emergency Operations Center. Unit Personnel are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to computer problems during emergencies. Personnel serve as members of the State Rapid Response team. They provides software and hardware support to all EMS personnel which includes installation, maintenance and upgrade. Personnel train end-users and support personnel in the use and maintenance of software and hardware. They coordinate the purchase, installation and maintenance of telecommunications systems within the Section and provide training to users as required. They also develop, maintain and implement the statewide Emergency Alerting System Plan

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