Employee Relations & Community Outreach Section

Major Brian Polite - Commanding Officer

Community Outreach Bureau

The following Units make up the Community Outreach Bureau:

Open Public Records Unit (OPRU)

The Open Public Records Unit, in accordance with the Open Public Records Act (OPRA), is the custodian of records and is mandated to respond to a request for government records as soon as possible, but not later than seven (7) business days after receiving a completed request for records. A response consists of granting access or partial access, denying access or advising the requestor of the need for an extended compliance period. The Unit's responsibilities include processing all incoming OPRA requests for the Division of State Police. This includes deciphering what record is being sought by the requestor, locating the department or unit where such records may or may not exist and then proceeding to obtain such records. Once all records are gathered, reviewed, and redacted, a response is written to the requestor detailing what records are or are not being produced and the reason for any redactions or denials. During this time, OPRU members maintain communication with requestors to keep them up to date on the progress and to seek any extensions needed to complete their requests.

Public Information Unit

The Public Information Unit (PIU) provides 24-hour access for information requests from the news media regarding events across New Jersey involving the New Jersey State Police (NJSP). PIU manages digital platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram for all our social media content. With these sites, the NJSP broadcasts important news and news updates, highlights on new initiatives, significant accomplishments, community outreach events, recruiting information and requests for assistance from the public on active police investigations to identify suspects, missing and/or wanted persons. Working with the Office of Emergency Management, critical State Emergency Operation Center updates ranging from weather incidents to natural disasters or terrorism can be quickly disseminated to the public. PIU members coordinate press conferences, draft press releases, coordinate interviews with media and film crews, produce public service videos and notify command staff of any incident involving the NJSP and the media. During emergencies, PIU members may respond directly to the scene of critical incidents to report to the incident commander and serve as a liaison to the press.

Recruiting Unit

The Division's Recruiting Unit is responsible for recruiting qualified applicants who reflect the diversity of the population of the State of New Jersey, by way of attending events including, but not limited to, career fairs, classroom presentations, and career nights.

The Recruiting Unit is also responsible for the management and day-to-day operation of the Museum & Learning Center, including but not limited to museum tours, and event coordination. The Recruiting Unit administers the Division's Internship Program by coordinating and placing college students throughout the Division of State Police as interns during the Fall, Spring, and Summer college semesters.

Outreach Unit

The Outreach Unit is tasked with creating enhanced partnerships within the communities we serve throughout the state. The unit members develop and maintain relationships with civic organizations, community leaders/groups, and faith based and non-profit organizations. The Unit also develops and facilitates traffic safety strategies directed at drivers through grant funded programs. Recognizing the importance of ensuring the safety of students and young drivers, the Outreach Unit is committed to actively evaluating and monitoring these needs and developing new methodologies and initiatives involving the youth and public safety throughout the state. Through these efforts, the State Police can reduce the occurrence of juvenile related crime as well as injuries and fatalities sustained in traffic crashes. As a community outreach component, the Outreach Unit is responsible for the administration and coordination of the NJSP Explorer Program. This year-round program has been influential with building relationships with youth throughout the State and providing character education and career information about law enforcement. Additionally, the Trooper Youth Week program, which takes place every summer at the State Police Academy, is administered by this unit.

For more information, please click visit our Outreach Unit webpage.

Employee Health & Wellness Bureau

The following Units make up the Employee Health & Wellness Bureau:

Diversity & Inclusion Unit

The Diversity & Inclusion Unit (D&IU) is tasked with creating and implementing implicit bias and multi-cultural awareness training for enlisted and civilian members. D&IU will assist with the recruiting program, applicant selection process and select outreach initiatives. The members of the unit will be tasked with developing strategic plans to create inclusive and respectful workplaces throughout Division. The importance of creating an internal culture that embraces diversity and inclusion will create an environment where current members of different races, genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations can flourish.

Employee Assistance Program Unit (Formerly OEOD)

The Employee Assistance Program Unit (EAPU) provides confidential employee assistance services which include member assessment, short term counseling and referral for workplace and behavioral health problems to all Division personnel and their families. Services are provided to enhance workplace effectiveness through prevention, identification, and resolution of personal and productivity issues. In addition, they will provide comprehensive and multicomponent critical incident stress management and debriefing for all enlisted and civilian personnel who are involved in any incident that might evoke an unusually strong psychological or emotional reaction, such as line of duty death, use of deadly force, accidental discharge of a weapon, death of a co-worker or suicide.

Medical Services Unit

The Medical Services Unit (MSU) is the primary repository for all medical records and worker's compensation cases for enlisted members. MSU serves as liaison with the Health and Safety Office of the Division of Law & Public Safety, Office of the Attorney General, for all health and safety conditions within the Division of State Police. MSU responsibilities include the management of the Annual Medical Examination (previously known as the Annual Fitness for Duty Program/Well Trooper), applicant examinations/investigations, and duty status oversight of enlisted members with medical conditions. All medical information is disseminated and maintained according to confidentiality guidelines, S.O.P.C33, "Medical and Sick Leave Policy." The MSU/Director of Medical Services is responsible for each of the aforementioned duties, as well as all medical matters pertaining to NJSP enlisted personnel.

Peer Assistance Unit (PAU)

The Peer Assistance Unit (PAU) is tasked with aiding all NJSP members and their families, through non-clinical services, by identifying potential solutions to members' needs and/or concerns or recommending assistance through avenues of advanced care. PAU's primary function is to provide peer assistance to members by mitigating the effects of cumulative and acute critical incident stress including; psychological, emotional, organizational, and personal. Peer support is accomplished through listening to its members during meetings and by liaising with NJSP Stations and Commands from throughout the Division. PAU is responsible for training all Division members about resiliency, and awareness of the signs and symptoms of trauma and stress.

Open Public Records Act
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