Retired Law Enforcement Officer Program (RPO)

RPO Initial Application Instructions

NJSP Firearms Investigation Unit

Retired Police Officer - RPO
P.O. Box 7068
West Trenton, New Jersey 08628-0068
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To obtain an Initial Retired Police Officer Identification Card, please follow these instructions.

Failure to follow this process will delay your application process.

  • Do not submit an initial application prior to two (2) months before the anticipated date of retirement.
  • Submitted applications prior to two (2) months of anticipated retirement will not be accepted or processed and will be returned to the applicant.
  • PLEASE ensure that all questions on form S.P. 232 are answered.
  • Any incomplete forms will be returned.

Form S.P. 232 - Initial Application for a Retired Law Enforcement Officer Permit to Carry a Handgun.

  2. DO NOT have PART 2 of form filled out prior to your submission.
  3. The Firearms Investigation Unit will mail PART 2 of the form to your former employer for proper verification.
  4. Block # 9 on the four digit municipal code in the New Jersey municipality where you reside. If this is unknown, contact your local authority for the correct information.
  5. Your State Bureau of Identification (SBI) number must be entered in block #15 of the application. If you do not have a SBI number, please leave blank and a form will be mailed to out to be fingerprinted for the RPO program. If you have questions regarding this process, contact the Firearms Investigation Unit, RPO program.

Form S.P. 66 (Rev. 01/15) - Consent for Mental Health Records Search

  1. Complete Part One ONLY of a Consent for Mental Health Records Search
    & submit with application.
  2. Sign the form and have any adult sign as a witness.
  3. Investigating Police Department: Print "New Jersey State Police – F.I.U./ RPO" in the appropriate space.
  4. Parts 2 & 3 MUST be left blank.

Retired Law Enforcement Training Record

  1. Retired law enforcement officer firearms training record. This is a specific qualification course and only forms provided by an approved firearms instructor will be accepted (All firearms instructors must be registered with the Firearms Investigation Unit, before they qualify retired law enforcement officers).
  2. For all initial applicants, a firearms training record will only be accepted no earlier than three months prior to filing the application.
  3. A retired law enforcement officer must qualify twice per calendar year, minimum three months apart, as per the New Jersey Attorney General's guidelines.
  4. The applicant must submit a new firearms training record after each qualification.
  5. Insert your State Bureau of Identification number on the lower right hand corner of the firearms training record.


Two (2) passport style color photographs. Applicants must be photographed in civilian attire only, without wearing a hat or sunglasses. NO EXCEPTIONS. (Photographs must be "passport style, " 2 inch x 2 inch with a light background and labeled with name and social security number of the applicant on the back of each photograph).

Application Fees

$50.00 (Annually). Payable to "Superintendent of State Police" in the form of a personal check or money order.

Flag Fee

$10.00. Payable to "Division of State Police- SBI" in the form of money order only. Applicants who are not required to be fingerprinted (have a SBI number) shall only
pay the $10.00 flag fee.

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