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July 04, 2013
Rescue - Point Pleasant Station

Trooper Matier
Trooper Pearce

Photo of Trooper Matier & Trooper Pearce
Trooper Matier
Trooper Pearce

On July 4th, 2013, both Troopers Matier #6461 and Pearce #6469 were assigned to a fireworks detail in Point Pleasant Station's area, specifically the Toms River in Berkeley Township, when they responded to a call for help over VHF Radio, Channel 16. They both arrived at the scene within a minute of the cry for help. Upon arrival, they observed an 18ft boat overturned, and seven victims in the water. It was later learned that at the conclusion of the fireworks display, all of the spectator boats in the area exited at a high rate of speed causing high waves and turbulent conditions. Troopers Matier and Pearce were faced with the task of rescuing the seven victims of the accident, one of which was an eleven year old girl, who were struggling to stay above the water's surface in the extreme conditions. Due to their quick action and their ability to remain calm when faced with chaotic scenario, there were no fatalities associated with this incident. United States Coast Guard provided a statement to the Star Ledger, revealing that some of the rescued victims did not know how to swim. The outcome of this incident could have resulted in the death of several people if Troopers Matier and Pearce did not respond accordingly.

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