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April 13, 2015
Rescue - Point Pleasant Station

Sergeant James Matier
Trooper I Christopher Menello

On Monday April 13, 2015 at approximately 1508 hours, a Mayday was broadcasted via VHF Channel 16, reporting a person within the water within the vicinity of the Toms River near the Light House Marina.  The mariner who reported the incident, reported an elderly female had fell from his sailing vessel and was in the water.  He further reported that both he and the victim were fatigued, and could not pull her aboard the vessel.

Upon arrival at the scene, Sergeant James Matier #6461 and Trooper I Christopher Menello #6740 observed an elderly female standing within chest deep water.  Trooper Menello positioned the Troop Vessel alongside the victim subsequently determining that she was fatigued and hypothermic.  Both Sergeant Matier and Trooper Menello grabbed hold of the victim and pulled her aboard their patrol vessel. In doing so, Sergeant Matier hyper extended his right knee resulting in injury to same.  After securing the victim on board their vessel, she was supplied with an issued woolen blanket reference cold water exposure.  The victim was then transported to the municipal ramp where she was greeted by EMS and subsequently transported to Brick Memorial Hospital where she was treated for cold water exposure.
Both Troopers are commended for a swift and ready response.  Both Troopers are commended for saving the victim's life specifically by piloting their vessel alongside the victim, and removing her from the temperate water during stressful conditions.

Photo of Sergeant James Matier
Sergeant James Matier
Photo of Trooper I Christopher Menello
Trooper I Christopher Menello

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