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June 26, 2016
Rescue - Point Pleasant Station

SFC Rodney Goodson, Sgt. Timothy Bush, Trooper I Chris Menello, Trooper II James Herring

Photo of SFC Rodney Goodson, Sgt. Timothy Bush, Trooper I Chris Menello, Trooper II James Herring
SFC Rodney Goodson
Sgt. Timothy Bush
Trooper I Chris Menello
Trooper II James Herring

On Sunday June 26, 2016 at approximately 5:41 pm the State Police was advised that a vessel had capsized in the Point Pleasant Canal. Eleven persons and a dog were on board the capsized vessel and in peril in the turbulent waters of the canal. State Police personnel in two separate vessels from Point Pleasant Station along with a Tow Boat US vessel arrived on scene within minutes. Demonstrating superior vessel handling, Troopers and the TowBoat US vessel operator successfully rescued all eleven victims and the dog from the swift water amid vessel traffic within the canal. All victims were transported back to Point Pleasant Marine Station to be evaluated by Point Pleasant EMS.

Victim statements of the event revealed that several occupants on the capsized vessel were not wearing personal flotation devices and did not know how to swim. If not for the quick and decisive actions taken by SFC R. Goodson #5702, Sgt T. Bush #6549, Tpr I C. Menello #6740 and Tpr II J. Herring #7037, the outcome could have been tragic. The actions of these Troopers on this day, should serve as a testament to the hard work and commitment to protecting life and property on New Jersey’s waterways by the State Police Marine Services Bureau.

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