New Jersey State Police

New Jersey's Most Wanted

ALERT: Tourists Going to Cuba

Be careful and watch for the following individuals wanted by the FBI for terrorism-related crimes against U.S. citizens:

Photograph of Joanne Chesimard

Joanne Chesimard

(age 68) was convicted of murdering one New Jersey state trooper and wounding another in 1973. Sentenced to life plus 26-33 years, she escaped from a US prison in 1979 and has been residing in Cuba since the mid 1980s.

Photograph of Cheri Laverne Dalton

Cheri Laverne Dalton

(age 66) is wanted in connection with a N.Y. armored car robbery resulting in the deaths of two police officers and one guard. Also charged in Joanne Chesimard's escape from prison. Dalton fled to Cuba and is involved in the music culture there.
REWARD: $100,000

Photograph of Charles 'Charlie' Hill

Charles 'Charlie' Hill

(age 66) is wanted by U.S. authorities for his role in the murder of a New Mexico state trooper and the hijacking of a TWA plane. He was a member of a militant group who has been residing in Cuba since the early 1970s.

Photograph of William Guillermo

William Guillermo

(age 66) was convicted of multiple federal charges for his role as a bomb maker in the 1970s. His bombs caused multiple deaths and injuries. In 1979, he escaped from prison and has been residing in Cuba since the late 1980s.
REWARD: $100,000

Photograph of Victor Manuel Gerena

Victor Manuel Gerena

(age 57) is wanted for his role in an armed robbery that resulted in a seven million dollar heist that he pulled off as a member of the anti-U.S. revolutionary organization Los Macheteros. He has been residing in Cuba since the mid 1980s.

If you see any of these wanted persons, please contact the U.S. Embassy at (53)(7)839-4100 and immediately report their location.

Links to Colonel Rick Fuentes' published Op-Ed in the New York Post and Miami Herald and his nationally televised interview on Fox News Channel.

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