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Emergency Relief

The United States Congress authorizes in Title 23, United States Code Section 125, a special program from the Highway Trust Fund for the repair or reconstruction of Federal-aid highways and roads on Federal lands which have suffered serious damage as a result of a natural disaster or a catastrophic failure from an external cause. This program is referred to as the Emergency Relief (ER) program. It supplements the commitment of resources by individual States, their political subdivisions, or other Federal agencies to help pay for unusually heavy expenses resulting from extraordinary conditions.

This program covers only those criteria and procedures relevant to the ER program for Federal-aid highways. These are public highways other than those functionally classified as local roads or rural minor collectors. Procedures relating to the ER program for roads on Federal lands that are not Federal-aid highways are outlined in Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads (ERFO) Disaster Assistance Manual, Publication Number FHWA-FLH-11-001 (pdf 2.4m).
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Last updated date: February 27, 2020 11:06 AM