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Grant Announcement: FY 2023 Transit Village

Murphy Administration announces $24 million to Expand Access to Public Transportation and Spur Transit -Oriented Development

I would like to thank all the mayors, clerks, municipal and consultant engineers, administrators, and others who have worked with us to submit your Resolutions of Support for your Municipal Aid, Bikeways, Safe Streets to Transit and/or Transit Village applications into our new PMRS.  As this is a new system, we recognize that some people have still not gotten the message although we had multiple training sessions and have been publicizing this for quite some time.  Our staff has been working overtime to assist in any way possible.  At this time, we want to assist your municipality, or county so that your applications are still viable. Get started immediately by:
  1. contacting the Resource Center at 609-649-9395 or emailing
  2. contacting your Local Aid District Office; Or
  3. go to the Resource Center Website for a how to video:
Please reach out immediately. The deadline is July 1st.
The Transit Village Grant Program is designed to assist municipalities who have been formally designated as Transit Villages by the Commissioner of Transportation and the inter-agency Transit Village Task Force.

The Division of Local Aid and Economic Development’s Transit Village Grant program will award grants for non-traditional transportation-related projects to New Jersey municipalities designated as Transit Villages. These are municipalities which have made a commitment to grow in the area surrounding a transit facility. The facility can service commuter rail, bus, ferry, or light rail. Growth in areas where infrastructure is already in place and where multi-modal transportation options are readily available helps to advance vital goals of the State of New Jersey such as reduced auto-dependency and cleaner air and water.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files which is available at our state Adobe Acrobat Access page.
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