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Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services

In-Person Service Area Open for Business

The Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services' in-person service area at our Trenton office (33 West State Street, 5th floor) is open to the general public and business community. If you wish to visit our in-person service area to discuss an issue or to pick-up completed work orders, please make an appointment via our online appointments scheduling application. Making an appointment ensures that you will receive prompt and effective service on the day you arrive. It will also help you to avoid the risk of confusion regarding the processing of your request/filing.

Customers may also visit the office at any time on workdays to submit requests/filings in our secure mail box. This box is located on the ground floor lobby of the Trenton office and is checked daily. Appointments are not required to use the mail box. However, we strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment and speak to one of our scheduling representatives before dropping off a request/filing to ensure that you include all necessary documents and payment information.

We continue to recommend that the general public and business community use our electronic filing and information services, including our tax filing and payment applications, in place of paper-based work whenever possible. Review the links to the many online services we offer on this web site and on the Division of Taxation's site.

You may avoid a trip to our office by calling 609-292-9292 and speaking to one of our representatives or by sending an email using our e-mail portal.

If you are unable to resolve your matter using our online services or by calling/emailing, and would like to request an appointment to visit our Trenton office, please use our online appointments scheduling application. When making an appointment be prepared to explain the reason for your visit and provide the following details:

  • Names of all persons visiting the office, including any children;
  • Method of payment for any filing, document or record;

After completing your online appointment request, you can expect to receive a phone call from one of our customer service representatives within 2 business days to schedule your appointment.

Last Updated: Thursday, 03/17/22