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Alternative Fuel Vehicle
The State of New Jersey encourages the use of AFVs.  The BPU is engaged in promoting AFVs pursuant to the 2015 Energy Master Plan Update.  BPU’s activities involve AFVs, AFV infrastructure development, and public education.  For light duty vehicles (automobiles), BPU is primarily focused on Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE, commonly known as electric vehicle chargers).  For heavy duty vehicles, BPU is primarily focused on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles and infrastructure.   BPU is accelerating the adoption of AFVs by:

  • Leading a State AFV Work Group
  • Informing and educating consumers and first responders about AFVs
  • Demonstrating AFV benefits
  • Recommending policies and incentives for AFV vehicles and infrastructure 
  • Accelerating AFV adoption in state and local government

 EV Infrastructure Stakeholder Process

BPU is presently conducting an EV infrastructure Stakeholder Process. The BPU requested and accepted the Regulatory Assistance Project Report (RAP Report) entitled “Getting from Here to There: Regulatory Considerations of Transportation Electrification” and directed staff to initiate an Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure stakeholder process.   The RAP Report addresses the potential increase in the availability of Plug-In Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the road and the associated opportunities/challenges facing utility regulators and electric utility companies.  The RAP Report is available on the BPU website at

BPU staff is seeking your input on the following Task 1 Questions (comment period closed October 16, 2017):

  • Do EVs fall under the definition of demand side management and energy efficiency as set forth at N.J.S.A. 48:3-51 and/or N.J.S.A. 48:3-98.1.d.?
  • Should owners and operators of EVSE that provide electric vehicle charging service be regulated as electric utilities? Are operators of EVSE reselling electricity or providing a charging service?

BPU staff is also seeking comments on the following topics (comment period closes November 30, 2017):          

  • What is the present status of EVs and EV infrastructure in New Jersey?
  • What EV/EV infrastructure developments can be expected in the short/medium term under a Business as Usual scenario?
  • What goals for EV Infrastructure should be established?
  • What role should the Board, other government agencies; electric utilities, non-governmental organizations and the private market have in addressing EV/infrastructure adoption?

To submit comments or to be added to our distribution list for future announcements, please email  

BPU staff will prepare a report on the EV Infrastructure technical and policy issues including potential EV tariffs and rate designs to the Board in February 2018. The EV Infrastructure Report will include and address the comments that are submitted through the stakeholder process as well as staff recommendations.


All public comments for the stakeholder process have been posted here: submit comments or to be placed on the distribution list, please email


CNG Vehicle Grant Program

Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Grant Program- Program Update December 20, 2017

Program Opened to All Counties, Grant Enhanced, and Deadline Extended

The BPU has established a compressed natural gas (CNG) grant program available for Class 5 through 8 vehicles.  The $200,000 grant program will fund the incremental cost of a CNG powered vehicle over the equivalent diesel vehicle.  Awards will be capped at $25,000 per vehicle and $50,000 per applicant and will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis until funding is exhausted. Eligibility is open to vehicles registered in New Jersey.  Eligible applicants for the grant program include municipalities, political subdivisions, incorporated nonprofit entities, corporations and limited liability companies or partnerships registered to do business in New Jersey. The application window opens no sooner than noon on January 2, 2018 , and the window closes noon on April 2, 2018 .  Applications should be submitted to the email address: BPU.CNGVehicleGrant@BPU.NJ.Gov.  Application and documentation:  BPU Natural Gas Vehicle Incremental Cost Grant Application and Data Form Revised December 8 2017