Office of Fire Department Preparedness

The Office of Fire Department Preparedness (OFDP) coordinates and plans for the deployment of fire service resources throughout New Jersey and when requested by other states or federal agencies. The OFDP will facilitate a safe and efficient response to any emergency incident or event that requires the deployment of New Jersey's fire service resources in order to protect life and property from the danger or destruction by fire, explosion or other disasters.

The OFDP will:

  • Assist the State Fire Coordinator in the deployment of resources in major incidents or events.
  • Provide assistance and support to the County Fire Coordinators prior to and during major incidents or events.
    Provide training and education to County Fire Coordinators.
  • Collect and disseminate fire service resource information.
  • Work on projects that will enhance the response capabilities of the fire service of New Jersey.
  • Develop working relationships with federal, state, county and local agencies.
  • Assist local fire departments and County Fire Coordinators in developing and refining mutual aid plans.
  • Respond to major emergencies throughout the State and region.
  • Staff State, County and Local EOC's when requested.
  • Research, develop and implement statewide interoperability solutions.
  • Organize regional fire service response Task Forces and Strike Teams.