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Office of Licensure

Annual Report


An Annual Report is to be completed, submitted electronically as one cohesive document, and accompanied by a $500 annual report fee annually by the 31st of August to OSHE. Newly licensed institutions within three months (May-August) of the reporting year are not required to submit the annual report.

The annual report is to be submitted to

The Annual Report submission will be considered incomplete until the submission fee has been received. Fees must be received within ten (10) days of the submission. All checks should be made out to Treasury, State of New Jersey.

Fee submissions must be sent via next-day carrier, along with the Licensure Petition Fee Memo and Licensure Check Information Sheet, to the address provided below. Please click below to download the memo template and itemized check information sheet.

Please send fee submission via overnight mail with tracking number to:
Office of the Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE)
Attn: Licensure Unit / Adrian Wright
1 John Fitch Plaza, 10th Floor
PO Box 542
Trenton, NJ 08625

If the check is received with incorrect or missing information, it will be returned to the submitting institution.

Once the annual report and corresponding fee have been received and accepted, OSHE will send a confirmation email to the institution via the contact identified in the Licensure Petition Fee Memo.


Last Updated: Friday, 02/09/24