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Office of Licensure

Submit an Initial Petition


Institutions requiring initial licensure must submit a completed Licensure Petition to the Licensure Office at the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education. To successfully submit a petition, institutions must submit a petition as one document electronically. Separate electronic document attachments and/or hardcopy mailed petitions will not be accepted. The petitions are the same for both renewal and initial licensure.

Once a petition is submitted, a review process will begin, which may include a site visit by Licensure Office staff, and consultants who are mutually acceptable by both Licensure staff and the institution. If a submitted petition is approved, applicants will receive a formal letter indicating licensure approval from the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education.

Institutions must read and follow the guidelines and related prompts to successfully submit the petition. All petitions must be submitted to

NOTE: Failure to respond to or act upon a request by OSHE within 90 days, will result in a determination that the institution's submission is no longer active, and OSHE will close the review process. The institution must submit a new and updated petition, and fees, should the institution desire to petition OSHE again.


Last Updated: Thursday, 05/04/23