Casino Investigations Unit

  • The Casino Investigations Unit (CIU) is the largest unit in the Casino Gaming Bureau and on average conducts 1,500 investigations resulting in and excess of 800 arrests.
  • CIU on average makes 500 general police assists to local, state and federal agencies.
  • CIU issues in excess of 1/100 Hand Summons for Disorderly Persons Offenses
  • CIU is a 24 hour operational unit made up of Troopers that are stationed at and dispatched to all 12 Atlantic City Casinos.
  • CIU maintains a 24 hour central dispatch (609-441-7464), that receives calls and dispatches all Casino Gaming Bureau Units.
  • CIU members also investigate and enforce violations of Title 2C Code of Criminal Justice of New Jersey, which include but are not limited to theft, robbery, credit card fraud, identity theft, money fraud (passing of counterfeit currency), money laundering, acts of disorderly conduct, defiant trespass, prostitution, and lewdness.
  • CIU members enforce the New Jersey Intoxicating Liquor Statutes in the Atlantic City Casino Complexes.
  • CIU members work plain clothed, uniformed and in limited undercover proactive capacities in the enforcement and investigation of the above listed acts.
  • CIU members work closely with the Atlantic City Police Department, in matters pertaining to public safety in and around the Atlantic City Casino Complexes.
  • Because of the transient nature of the casino industry, CIU members work in close concert with local, state, and federal agencies in locating missing /endangered persons and wanted felons.
  • CIU works with Atlantic City Casino security , surveillance, games departments and casino cages in the detection and enforcement of casino related crimes.
  • Because of the high profile status of the casino industry and the ongoing threats of terror CIU members are routinely called on to monitor the activities of the public transportation areas of the Casino Complexes.
  • CIU personnel assist local, state and federal agencies with video enhancements.


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