Department of Transportation

Proposed Improvements

The Route 3, Route 46, Valley Road and Notch/Rifle Camp Road Interchange Improvements Project will address the operational and safety problems identified during the Feasibility Assessment by replacing old bridges, constructing new bridges, reconfiguring ramps, constructing new local roads and improving intersections with traffic signals and roundabouts as depicted on the Proposed Improvements Plan.

Roadway Improvements

From Notch/Rifle Camp Road to the Valley Road interchange, Route 46 will be widened to provide shoulders and acceleration/deceleration lanes to reduce mainline weaving caused by the closely spaced access points on Route 46 and at the Route 46 / Route 3 diverge. A three-lane section is proposed to replace the existing two-lane connections at the intersection of Route 46 and Route 3 eastbound. Route 46 will be realigned to converge with Route 3 from the right (not from the left as presently exists). Complete interchange upgrades will be made. Additional roadway improvements include:

  • widening Route 46 eastbound to provide an auxiliary lane and acceleration / deceleration lanes from Notch Road to Valley Road
  • widening Route 46 westbound to provide an auxiliary lane between Rock Hill Road and St. Philip Drive
  • constructing a new local road (Great Notch Road) on the north side of Route 46 connecting Notch Road to Valley Road to remove traffic and reduce weaving on Route 46 westbound
  • reconstructing the intersection of Notch Road / Rifle Camp Road as a single-lane roundabout to improve traffic operations and sight distance
  • reconstructing the intersection of Clove Road and the new Route 46 eastbound interchange ramps as a single-lane roundabout
  • constructing three new signalized intersections
  • relocating utilities as needed to accommodate the proposed roadway improvements
  • design of architectural screening to mitigate the proximity of residences to the highways
Interchange Improvements

The proposed improvements at the Notch Road / Rifle Camp Road Interchange include the re-channelization of the existing intersection on the south side of Route 46 and a new roundabout on the north side of Route 46 to improve traffic flow and sight distance. At Clove Road, a new interchange will improve access to Route 46 westbound. Improvements to the Route 46/Route 3/Valley Road interchange include reconstruction and reconfiguration of the ramps, a new traffic signal on Valley Road and a new roundabout at the intersection of the Valley Road, Great Notch Road and the new Route 3 Exit Ramp.

Structural Improvements

The proposed project will require six new bridge structures and one superstructure replacement, each designed to improve physical condition and substandard vertical under clearance. The project also includes three new Third River culvert structures, the extension of two existing culverts; and, construction of additional miscellaneous structures such as retaining walls, noise barriers, and sign support structures.

Bridges include:
  • The Route 46 bridge over Lower Notch Road will be replaced under staged construction.
  • The Notch Road/Rifle Camp Road will be rehabilitated. The superstructure will be replaced and the structure will be widened to provide turning lanes, shoulders and sidewalks.
  • A new bridge will be constructed over Route 46 at Clove Road as part of the Clove Road Interchange improvement.
  • The Route 46 over Valley Road Bridge will be replaced under staged construction to provide auxiliary lanes at the Route 46 and Route 3 connection.
  • Three replacement bridges at the Route 46 and Route 3 Interchange will provide for the reconfiguration of ramps to meet current standards.
Structural Improvements

In addition to roadway and structural considerations, the existing corridor has other infrastructure elements that are non-functioning, deteriorated or beyond routine maintenance. These elements include guide rail, lighting, signing, median barriers and drainage elements. Through this improvement project effort, these and other infrastructure elements will be brought up to date and specifications where practicable

Last updated date: October 26, 2020 12:41 PM