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Construction Staging

An analysis of the Route 3, Route 46, Valley Road and Notch/Rifle Camp Road Interchange Improvements Project was completed to determine ways of phasing the proposed improvements into smaller, independent construction contracts. Consideration was given to utility relocation needs and the prioritization of improvements. This resulted in the identification of two independent construction phases - Contract A and Contract B.

Contract A

Contract A included major work items such as the relocation of major City of Newark and Passaic Valley Water Commission water mains along the north side of Route 46, construction of the new local road (Great Notch Road), construction of the new Clove Road overpass and interchange ramps, and reconstruction of the existing Notch Road Bridge.

Construction of Contract A began in the Spring of 2016. Work performed in Contract A was substantially complete in 2019.

Contract B

Contract B includes major work items such as the widening and realignment of Route 3, the widening and realignment of Route 46, and a complete reconstruction of the Route 3 / Route 46 / Valley Road Interchange including new alignments, profiles, and new bridge structures. Construction Staging and Maintenance / Protection of Traffic (MPT) strategies have been developed to accommodate the required construction operations and manage work zone effects on transportation and transportation-dependent services and facilities. The development of MPT and work zone management strategies was guided by the objectives set forth by NJDOT policies and procedures, relevant sections of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), and the NJDOT Roadway Design Manual.

Contract B will be constructed in the following six (6) stages:

  • Stage 1 (includes Substages 1A, 1B & 1C)
  • Construct Route 3 eastbound widening, noise barrier, and retaining wall from behind construction barrier. Construct proposed Ramp H and the Ramp I bridge. Construct Valley Road widening at Great Notch Road. Remove existing Route 46 median barrier and construct temporary pavement for Stage 2 traffic shift. Construct Route 46 westbound widening east of the interchange.
    Contract B_Stage_1A

    Contract B_Stage_1B

    Contract B_Stage_1A

  • Stage 2
  • Construct Route 46 eastbound widening from Lower Notch Road to Route 3 from behind construction barrier (existing exit to Oak Hill Road permanently closed). Construct west side of new Route 46 Bridge over Lower Notch Road and the new Route 46 Bridge over Valley Road. Reconstruct the existing Route 46 eastbound ramp to Valley Road (Ramp G) and construct proposed Route 46 eastbound flyover ramp and bridge structure. Reconstruct the existing Route 3 median barrier from Route 46 to Grove Street. Reconstruct the existing Route 46 median from St. Philip Drive to Rock Hill Road. Activate temporary traffic signal on Valley Road and continue to reconstruct the Valley Road / Great Notch Road Intersection for the future multi-lane roundabout.
    Contract B_Stage_1A

  • Stage 3
  • Shift Route 46 eastbound traffic to the widened section and construct the proposed median. Continue construction of the new Route 46 Bridge over Valley Road, and northern portioof the n Route 46 Bridge over Lower Notch Road. Open the new Route 46 eastbound flyover bridge and the new ramp to Valley Road (Ramp G), and shift Route 3 eastbound traffic to the temporary connector roadway. Construct the proposed eastbound connector roadway. Continue to reconstruct the existing Route 3 median barrier from Route 46 to Grove Street as well as the Valley Road / Great Notch Road Intersection.
    Contract B_Stage_1A

  • Stage 4
  • Construct the center portion of the Route 46 Bridge over Lower Notch Road. Shift Route 46 traffic south and construct the proposed Route 46 westbound widening from behind barrier. Construct the new Route 3 westbound ramp to Valley Road (Ramp K) and the new Route 46 westbound bridge over Ramp K. Construct north side of the new Route 46 Bridge over Valley Road and the remaining portions of the Valley Road Roundabout. Reconstruct the westbound side of Route 3 from behind barrier between Grove Street and proposed Ramp K.
    Contract B_Stage_1A
  • Stage 5
  • Complete construction of the proposed Route 46 median barrier from east of Lower Notch Road to Route 3. Construct proposed Valley Road southbound widening between Route 46 and Robin Hood Road. Demolish the existing Route 46 eastbound bridge over Ramp K and complete construction of the Route 46 median barrier to St. Philip Drive.
    Contract B_Stage_1A

  • Stage 6
  • Install final overhead guide sign panels. Open all roads/ramps/lanes to traffic. Complete final paving, striping, ground-mounted sign installation and landscaCoping.
    Contract B_Stage_1A

Motorists can expect the following during construction:

  • Route 3 and Route 46 will remain open at all times. The existing ramps will be open throughout the duration of the project except for short duration evening closures. However, traffic flow may be impacted by reduced lane widths, changing traffic patterns and the presence of the nearby construction activities.
  • Temporary lane closures will be subject to the Project’s Allowable Lane Closure Schedule, which identifies how many lanes must be maintained at certain times of the day, and day of week. In general, all lanes and shoulders must be remain open during the morning peak and evening peak periods.
  • Temporary detours for ramp and local road closures will mainly occur during overnight hours when traffic volumes are less. The volume of traffic traveling the detour route will therefore not impact traffic operations.

  • With the exception of certain nighttime closures, all local roadways will remain open to two-way traffic during construction resulting in minimal impacts to traffic operations.

  • Variable Message Signs (VMS) will be used to notify motorists of the start dates of any detours, any major changes to traffic control patters, or any short-term closures.

Last updated date: October 26, 2020 2:48 PM