Department of Transportation

Construction Contracts

An analysis of the Route 3, Route 46, Valley Road and Notch/Rifle Camp Road Interchange Improvements Project was completed to determine ways of phasing the proposed improvements into smaller, independent construction contracts. Consideration was given to utility relocation needs and the prioritization of improvements. This resulted in the identification of two independent construction phases - Contract A and Contract B.

Contract A
Major water mains, Great Notch Road, Clove Road and Notch Road:

Contract A included the relocation of major City of Newark and Passaic Valley Water Commission water mains along the north side of Route 46 and the construction of the new Two-Way Service Road (Great Notch Road), the new Clove Road overpass and reconstruction of the existing Notch Road Bridge. These improvements were intended to provide independent utility and to serve the surrounding communities by improving connectivity between Local and County Roads resulting in the removal of local traffic from the State Highway System. These improvements were constructed almost entirely “off-line” resulting in little or no impact to the State Highway.

The Contract A plan, referred to as the Contract A Improvement Plan considered geometric continuity between existing and proposed roadways, and the benefits such improvements would have on facilitating mainline construction during Contract B.

The following work is proposed for Contract A:
  • Relocation of approximately 4,600 linear feet of water main ranging in size from 16-inch diameter to 52-inch dia;
  • Replacement of the Notch Road Bridge superstructure, including substructure modifications (removal of center pier);
  • Reconstruction of Notch Road and a partial reconstruction of Ramp D (Notch Road entrance ramp to Route 46 EB);
  • Construction of the new Notch Road/Lackawanna Avenue/Rifle Camp Road roundabout and the reconstruction of both Lackawanna Avenue and Rifle Camp Road
  • Full length construction of the proposed Two-Way Service Road (Valley Road to Notch Road/Lackawanna Avenue/Rifle Camp Road Roundabout), including the reconstruction of existing driveways and two permanent signalized intersections (Clove Road & Route 46 WB Exit Ramp)
  • Construction of the new Route 46 WB entrance ramp from proposed Great Notch Road, along with the widening of Route 46 WB for the required acceleration lane
  • Construction of the new Clove Road Bridge over Route 46, new Clove Road entrance/exit ramps and the proposed Clove Road Roundabout
  • Construction of the new Route 46 WB exit ramp to the new Two-Way Service Road with a transition to meet the existing Route 46 WB roadway (alignment & profile)
  • Construction of an interim intersection configuration for the Valley Road/Two-Way Service Road intersection with a traffic signal
  • Construction of two (2) Third River Culverts, eight (8) retaining walls and the proposed Four Seasons at Great Notch Noise Wall
  • Construction of associated drainage facilities (inlets, pipes, outfalls, etc.) and including storm water management basins
  • Construction of new underground utilities (minor water mains, gas mains, telephone and cable conduits) by State's contractor with aerial facilities by individual utility companies.

Contract B
Route 46/Route 3 mainline and Valley Road improvements:

Contract B involves the completion of all remaining construction items needed to implement the fully scoped improvements for the Route 3, Route 46, Valley Road and Notch/Rifle Camp Road Interchange Improvements Project.

The Contract B plan, referred to as the Contract B Improvement Plan , includes the following:

  • From Notch/Rifle Camp Road to just east of the Valley Road intersection, Route 46 will be widened to provide standard shoulders and acceleration/deceleration/auxiliary lanes. Route 46 will also be realigned to improve sight distance as needed. At the intersection of Route 46 and Route 3, a three-lane section will replace the existing two-lane connections. Route 46 will be realigned to meet Route 3 from the right side (not the left as it currently exists) and complete interchange upgrades will be made.
  • Route 46 westbound will be widened for an auxiliary lane between Rock Hill Road and Valley Road.
  • The Route 46/Route 3/Valley Road interchange will be improved by reconstructing and reconfiguring interchange ramps, installing a new traffic signal on Valley Road and constructing a new multi-lane urban roundabout at the intersection of the Valley Road, Great Notch Road and the new Route 3 Exit Ramp.
  • The Route 46 Bridge over Valley Road will be replaced to provide auxiliary lanes at the Route 46 and Route 3 connection.
  • Three bridges at the Route 46 and Route 3 Interchange will be replaced for the reconfiguration of ramps to meet current standards.
  • Route 3, from Route 46 to Grove Street will be widened to provide auxiliary lanes and standard shoulders.
  • Valley Road will be realigned and a temporary signalized intersection that was constructed under Contract A will be replaced with a multi-lane urban roundabout.
  • The existing Route 46 Bridge over Lower Notch Road will be replaced.
  • One (1) new Third River Culvert will be constructed and two (2) existing culverts will be extended. Additional structures to be constructed include eighteen (18) retaining walls, four (4) noise walls, and thirteen (13) sign support structures.
  • Associated drainage facilities (inlets, pipes, outfalls, etc.), including two storm water management basins and subsurface detention systems will be constructed.
  • New underground utilities (minor water mains, gas mains, electric, telephone, and cable conduits) will be constructed by State’s Contractor with aerial facilities relocated by individual utility companies.

Last updated date: October 26, 2020 12:50 PM