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Department of the Treasury

For Immediate Release:
August 23, 2023
Media Contact:
Danielle Currie

Parents, Students, and Educators: Take Advantage of NJ’s Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday

With the back-to-school season around the corner, the New Jersey Department of the Treasury is reminding parents, teachers, and students to take advantage of the statewide back-to-school sales tax holiday that begins Saturday, August 26.

The 10-day sales tax holiday, which runs through Monday, September 4, will make school supplies and other essential items more affordable for families and educators.

“Back-to-school excitement can easily turn to stress for both parents and teachers, particularly those who are struggling to make ends meet,” said Governor Phil Murphy. “We’re committed to making New Jersey more affordable in ways both big and small. I encourage every family to take advantage of the sales tax holiday over the next two weeks to help ease some of the pressure when it comes to purchasing essential items for the new school year."

“This tax holiday for school products may not make kids look forward to returning to school more, but it certainly will make parents happier when shopping for the supplies they need to get their children for the new school year,” said Senate President Nick Scutari. “This will help make the back-to-school experience more affordable for New Jersey’s families and educators at a time they need the savings.”

“Back-to-School season is exciting, but expensive for many families," said Speaker Craig Coughlin. "We made the commitment last year to help ease that burden with the sales tax holiday. Now in its second year, parents, students, and teachers can feel secure about the extra savings on school items, from kindergarten to graduate school. We are committed to maintaining this program along with the other state and local tax relief to help New Jersey families.”

“Back-to-school season should be a time of excitement for students and their families, but for some the season also brings a sense of anxiety over the cost of school supplies,” said State Treasurer Elizabeth Maher Muoio. “This sales tax holiday will help hardworking parents and teachers across our state stretch their dollars a little further while restocking backpacks and classrooms.”

The sales tax holiday will apply to items bought both in-store and online.

Tax exempt supplies and equipment include: (1) school supplies, such as pens and pencils, notebooks, and binders; (2) school art supplies, such as paints and paint brushes, clay, and glazes; (3) school instructional materials, such as reference books, reference maps, globes, textbooks, and workbooks: (4) computers with a sales price less than $3,000; (5) school computer supplies with a sales price less than $1,000, such as computer storage equipment, printers, and personal digital assistants; and (6) sport or recreational equipment, such as mouth guards, athletic or dance shoes, and bike helmets.

For more details on qualifying items, visit the Division of Taxation’s website.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 08/23/23