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New Jersey State Capital Partnership

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New Jersey State Capital Partnership


The New Jersey State Capital Partnership was established in 2018 through Executive Order 40 issued by Governor Phil Murphy and is designed to harness state support and resources to spur economic development in Trenton and help chart a new course for New Jersey’s capital city.

As the single largest landowner and employer in Trenton, the State of New Jersey can and should play an active and collaborative role in achieving the City’s vision for revitalization and prosperity. The State Capital Partnership is overseen by the State Treasurer’s Office in collaboration with the Department of Community Affairs and other key State agencies. Working hand-in-hand with the City of Trenton and Mercer County, the partnership is designed to create and execute strategies, align resources, and coordinate interdependent efforts among more than a dozen government partners - all guided by the vision in the City’s Trenton250 Master Plan.

Goals and Objectives
Every day, members of the New Jersey State Capital Partnership are working together on specific projects, programs, and actions to facilitate the overall objectives of the partnership:
  • Reviewing the city’s long-range Master Plan, Trenton250, and identifying funding and resources to implement those initiatives;
  • Creating an action plan for the redevelopment of state properties in downtown Trenton;
  • Supporting the Strategic Plan to boost economic development around the critically situated Trenton Transit Center – linking the capital to the entire Northeast Corridor;
  • Developing initiatives to support new market-rate housing in downtown Trenton;
  • Aligning state resources to implement Trenton’s vision for the Capital Park and access to the waterfront;
  • Supporting public safety initiatives, like the State Police’s Real Time Crime Center in downtown Trenton;
  • Attracting private capital into Trenton;
  • Providing assistance to help attract federal funding, including support that has enabled the city to become eligible once again to apply for federal transportation funding, and aid for a variety of initiatives such as the HUD Choice Neighborhood Program;
  • Integrating institutions of higher education within Mercer County into revitalization and workforce development strategies;
  • Utilizing the arts, culture and historical assets to attract visitors to downtown Trenton;
  • Actively participating in Trenton related committees including the Trenton Downtown Association (TDA), the Capital City Redevelopment Corporation (CCRC), the Capital City Community Coalition, and the Trenton Green Team; and
  • Overseeing four sub-committees that were created to help further the overall goals of the partnership: Economic Development, Parks and Infrastructure, Workforce and Innovation, Living and Working in the City.
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Contact Information

Do you have ideas, comments, or want to be a part of advancing one of these projects, let us know!

Mail: State Capital Partnership
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Last Updated: Wednesday, 04/20/22