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You may obtain photocopies of corporate and business entity documents that are part of the Public Record. This includes original and amended articles of incorporation as well as registered agent/office changes. You may request copies of all of the documents on file for the entity or specify the type of documents, such as mergers or articles of incorporation. Many records are now  available online. Click here to access our online service.

The fee is $0.10 per page. The copies may be certified for an additional fee of $25.00 per document, while LLC's are $50.00 per document. If the Office searches for a record and there is no corresponding entity a No Record Certificate will be provided. The fee for the No Record Certificate is $25.00 per entity name searched and $50.00 for LLC's. You may avoid this fee by browsing entity names for free and providing the office with the New Jersey 10-digit Id number of the entity.

For services other than online, because the cost cannot be determined when making the request, payment is usually by credit card, depository account or by check with the designation "not to exceed..." with an amount provided.

Service Options:

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Expedited Service*

This optional service, which provides processing within 8.5 business hours is available for these requests received in person, by FAX or by courier service. All FAX requests are considered to be requests for expedited service. The fee for this optional service is $15.00 per transaction for corporations, non-profits and LPs and $25.00 per filing for LLCs and LLPs. This fee is in addition to other charges. Regular mail will be used to deliver the requested documents unless other arrangements such as courier service are made. The Office will not return photocopies of corporate and business entity documents via fax.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 05/09/17

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