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The FAX filing service (FFS) is designed to eliminate mailing delays and to reduce overall filing turnaround times when filing business entity formation and amendment documents. By using FFS, customers enjoy the benefits of enhanced document tracking and delivery notification. This service supplements the general service options traditionally provided.


Overview of Facsimile Filing Service (FFS)
Scope of FFS Services
Sending a Request
Receiving Processed Work
Payment Methods

Overview of Facsimile Filing Service (FFS)

New Jersey State law provides for the acceptance of filings transmitted via facsimile (NJSA 14A:1-10 (1) ). Customers may take advantage of this legislation through the FAX filing of selected corporate documents.

The FFS filing process is designed to be simple and efficient. Customers fax filings to a designated number(s). FAX filing is expedited service and based upon the option selected, staff representatives process incoming filing requests within either 8.5 business hours or on the same business day. Processing includes all review work and filing acknowledgment turnaround. Customers receive processed work via return FAX following receipt of FFS requests.

FAX filing customers pay for services via credit card (Master Card, Visa or Discover) or depository account. One payment method is permitted per request.

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Scope of FFS Services

The following corporate documents may be filed via FFS:

  1. All certificates of incorporation and initial formation/registration documents for all business entities that file with the NJ Department of Treasury
  2. All amendment filings except reinstatements
  3. Name reservations/registrations, all types

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The number to FAX file corporate documents is 609.984.6851. If you are requesting standing certificates or status reports, the FAX number is 609.984.6855. In the event the line is in use, additional attempts may be necessary. Barring technical difficulties affecting the Division of Revenue's data communications or data processing systems or other factors beyond the Division's control, all expedited requests received by FAX between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. on workdays will be processed and returned within 8.5 business hours. Same Day service is available for LLC’s. Requests delivered by 12:30p.m. on workdays will be processed and returned by 5 p.m. of the same workday. Any request received during off-hours, weekends, holidays, or after the specified cutoff will be processed the next workday within 8.5 business hours. In the event of down time, upon system recovery, requests will be processed in receipt date/time order.

Sending A Request

To send a request, customers must complete the desired filing form in accordance with the applicable statutes, along with a cover sheet entitled: DIVISION OF REVENUE FACSIMILE FILING SERVICE REQUEST.

The cover sheet must include all of the following:

  • name of firm or individual transmitting the service request
  • date of submission
  • credit card number with cardholder name and address and expiration date
  • depository account number (if not using a credit card)
  • description of service requested -- e.g., "Certificate of Incorporation&quot
  • service option desired -- Expedited or Same Day
  • business name associated with the filing (proposed name for a new business entity or name of existing business in the case of an amendment filing request)
  • total number of pages in the request transmission, including cover sheet
  • fax back number is required to use this service.

Note: Only one filing for each Fax request/submission will be accepted. Requests lacking cover sheets or required cover sheet information will be rejected. Requests that do not contain a fax back number will not be processed.

Receiving Processed Work

As noted previously, the Division of Revenue will process all work within 8.5 business hours or within the same day. With the exception of requests for status reports or standing certificates, an acknowledgment to the customer will be faxed back. For accepted work, the acknowledgment will include a copy of the approved filing stamped "FILED" and a receipt of payment. For rejected work, the unfiled document will be returned with a Rejection Notice and the fee refunded. Following rejections, customers must resubmit corrected filings as new FFS requests. Be sure to return the payment information and a copy of the rejection notice with the submittal.

Processed requests for standing certificates and status reports will be returned by mail or courier service as designated. If delivery is not specified, the processed documents will be returned using regular mail. Notification of rejected work will be sent by mail.

Credit cards and depository account balances will be validated prior to processing for all work received by the FAX service. However, account debits/card charges will not be made until work is processed.

Note: Up to three (3) attempts will be made to fax back to the number supplied by the customer. If the transmissions are unsuccessful, acknowledgments of completed filings will be sent by regular mail to the individual paying for the service.

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Payment Methods

For each FFS request, all customers must provide a valid credit card number with the cardholder's name and address and the expiration date, or a valid depository account number. Depository accounts must have adequate balances to cover each service request.

Each Expedited FAX Filing Service request is $15.00 per transaction for corporations, non-profits and LPs and $25.00 per filing for LLC, LLP, and FLP documents. There is also a $1.00 per page fee for all accepted filings that are faxed back. Each Same Day request is subject to a $50 fee, plus the $1.00 per page fax back fee. These fees are in addition to the basic statutory fees associated with the filing itself.

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Feedback on the FAX Filing Service and suggestions for improvements are always welcome. Customers may send their suggestions to:

NJ Division of Revenue/FFS
PO Box 308
Trenton, NJ 08646

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Last Updated: Thursday, 12/20/18

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