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Business Services - General
A description of services offered by Business Services, including links to informational and online services pages. Includes requirements, information, and forms for starting and operating a business in New Jersey.

Online Registration - General

General information about starting a business in New Jersey, including links and forms for both downloading or filing online.

Online Business Registration

How to start your new business by visiting Business Services in person. Provides a streamlined, one-stop method for getting your business started more quickly.

Rejection Notice Assistance

Information to help resubmit rejected filings and work orders accurately and completely.

Online Services

Electronic Filing for Individual Income Tax Returns
Provides electronic options to file New Jersey individual income tax returns. Each of the methods is available 24 hours a day and provides accuracy, convenience and security. Direct deposit of refunds is available to electronic filers.

One-Stop Business Filing and Registration

Enables businesses to file new corporations, limited liability companies and limited partnerships, as well as obtain authorizations for foreign (out of state) businesses to conduct operations in New Jersey. Also enables ANY business to register for taxes and employer contributions online. Provides online confirmations and temporary sales tax authority certificate.

Online Registration Change (Reg-C)

Use this service to update or change your tax and employer records. Possible changes include updates to address information and the adding or ending of specific tax eligibilities. At the end of your successful session, an online confirmation will be provided. Entry into the service will require you to use your account specific PIN.

Online Uniform Commercial Code Filing & Certified Search

File UCC financing statements and obtain certified UCC search results online.
File Tax Returns including Employer Wage Report and Motor
Vehicle Luxury & Fuel Inefficient Vehicle Surcharge Online
provides directions and form for online filing. Personal identification number required.

Corporate Annual Reports
File annual reports for business entities online. Provides you a confirmation for proof of filing.

Business Entity Reinstatement
Complete reinstatement process beginning with the Annual Report filing. Application for a Tax Clearance Certificate provided to for-profit entities.

Status Report Lookups
Look up the status on any business entity in New Jersey. Credit card and depository account payment options available.

Standing Certificates
Order short form and long form standing certificates for any business entity in New Jersey. Credit card, e-check and depository account payment options available.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Index Search NON-CERTIFIED
Search database of debtor names and obtain information on active UCC financing statements. Credit card and depository account options available.

Online Business Registration Inquiry

Verify that a business is properly registered for tax purposes and qualifies for a Certificate of Registration with this online inquiry.

Make EFT Payments Online

Submit your EFT debit payments online. This service is for registered businesses in the EFT program who are using the debit method of payment. The business personal identification number is required.

Last Updated: Friday, 04/05/19

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