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Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services

Solicitations by Private Companies for Annual Report Filing

The Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services (DORES) in the New Jersey Department of the Treasury advises New Jersey corporations, businesses and other interested persons to exercise caution when engaging services of business entities and individuals offering to prepare and/or file New Jersey Articles of Incorporation, Professional Corporation forms, Limited Liability forms, Annual Reports and similar required filings with DORES. While reputable business service providers may exist to offer such services for a fee (plus required State statutory filing fees), there may be other businesses that solicit such work for a fee that are not reputable and may not perform the expected services after a customer makes the required payment.

Corporations, businesses and other interested persons should carefully investigate Internet and paper mail solicitations before employing unknown business entities or individuals offering such services. Internet postings and paper mailings for business services may appear to be official, however the State of New Jersey does not authorize Internet postings or mailed solicitations for private business service providers.

Corporate officers, business representatives, and other interested individuals who have questions about various legal filing requirements may refer to instructions on DORES’ official State website. DORES’ website includes information on how to form and register a new business, file annual reports, change corporate or business charter records, change a registered agent or office, change tax or employer registration information, and submit various reports, forms and other filings to the State of New Jersey. DORES’ official website also provides the associated statutory fees for various filings.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 12/10/19