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Proposed Gas Contract Service Compliance Filings
PSE&G GT11090616
SJG GT11090617
NJNG GT11090618
ETG GT11090619 



Written comments can be emailed, in Microsoft Word Format, until Friday, November 4, 2011 to:  Please include the phrase "Gas Rate Discount Comments" in the subject line.


Proposed Gas Contract Service Compliance Filing Comments
NJ LEUC 11.14.2011
PSE&G 11.28.2011
PSEG Power
Rate Counsel (with attached letter) 11.28.2011
South Jersey Gas Company 11.28.2011

To Consider Prospective Standards for Gas Distribution Utility Rate Discounts and Associated Contract Terms and Conditions (Dkt. No. ER10100762 / GR10100761)
REVISED: Preliminary Procedural Schedule:
Stakeholder Meeting November 15, 2010
Stakeholder Meeting December 2, 2010
Submission of Initial Comments,
Legal Briefs, White Papers,
Certifications and/or Comments
January 28, 2011
Submission of Reply Comments February 18, 2011
Stakeholder Meeting March 1, 2011

Initial Comments
Rate Council Initial Comments [pdf 193k]
Appendix 1-3 [pdf 57k]
Appendix 4-6 [pdf 49k]
Appendix 7-10 [pdf 100k]
Appendix 11-12 [pdf 73k]

ECG Initial Comments [pdf 200k]
Elizabethtown Gas Initial Comments [pdf  155k]
IEPNJ Initial Comments [pdf 170k]
IMM on behalf of PJM Initial Comments [pdf 194k]
NAEA Initial Comments [pdf 194k]
NJLEUC Initial Comments [pdf 197k]
PSE&G and NJNG Initial Comments [pdf 180k]
South Jersey Gas Initial Comments [pdf 202k]
Issues Comments
Rate Counsel Issues List [pdf 16k]
Monitoring Analytics Comments [pdf 98k]
NAEA Ocean Peaking Power Comments [pdf 77k]
IEPNJ Comments [pdf 30k]